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Conservative, Seductive and Sexy

Have women become too easy? Read more about being a conservative girl

When people talk about being a conservative or having conservative values, they mostly think of political views or values. Being conservative is much more than that however, it's a way of life. Let's take a look at the different ways you can either embrace or just live the conservative lifestyle.

First, you need to decide just what it is you mean by being conservative. Whether you want to have conservative looks, lifestyle, political views, or all of the above. However you wish to approach the question, it's important to understand how each method will affect you. Let's take a look at them now.

Conservative appearance: Make sure to get the right kind of clothes. You want to choose clothes that are simple, yet still able to flatter your figure. Start building your wardrobe around neutral colors, adding the occasional color as an accent. You can still find fashionable clothing that isn't too low-cut or revealing. If your clothes are too tight, try adding an extra layer underneath, or buttoning up that extra button.

Choose the appropriate accessories: When choosing your accessories, you want jewelry to be modest, yet tasteful and classic. Don't go with nothing too shiny or out of the ordinary. Some examples include pearl strands, tennis bracelets or simple necklaces.

Make sure your hair is well maintained: You want a classic hairstyle that goes well with what you are wearing. Styles like ponytails, bobs, or cuts with soft layers are some good choices. It is fine to color your hair however, make sure the colors are natural. You won't see conservative girls with colors like blue, purple, or green hair.

Your makeup has to be simple: You don't want to go over the top with it. Apply makeup lightly; you don't want to put generous portions because too much makeup can make you look fake or cheap. If you choose to use bright makeup, only highlight one part of your face while the rest stays subtle. Example, if you use a bright lipstick, that's fine, but the rest of your makeup needs to be neutral. Getting a tattoo is fine, but you want to make sure you can cover it up, and make sure it isn't anything too trashy.

Living the conservative lifestyle: First, in order to live the lifestyle, you need to embrace it. This might make you seem a bit old fashioned but that's ok. A conservative girl is reserved, respectful, prudent and very polite. She respects herself as well as others and knows her manners.

Respect yourself: Take care of your body, respect it, and make sure to keep yourself healthy. Good exercise, a good night's rest, and eating and drinking healthy will make your checkups a lot easier to deal with. It's ok to have fun, but try not to use alcohol or substances if you can help it.

Respect others: Good manners, etiquette, and politeness are what set conservative girls apart. Wait your turn to talk when speaking with others. Make sure to say please, excuse me, and thank you. Always refer to some as Ms or Mr. unless otherwise specified. Hold the door for others, or give up a seat for someone who needs it.

You can have fun dating too; just make sure to follow a few tips. Let guys approach you, don't be too flirtatious or throw yourself at them. You don't necessarily have to wait till marriage to have sex however, wait as long as possible. This also goes with respecting yourself. Finally, never brag about your conquests. Conservative women never will kiss and tell, not even to her friends.

Make sure you are smart when it comes to finances: You want to keep all your bills paid off and don't get yourself into any debt. If you happen to be in debt, make sure you find ways to pay it off as soon as possible. Also, make sure if you invest in something you know the ins and outs of it. You want to be smart with your investing, so keep that in mind before you invest your hard earned money.

Being conservative when it comes to politics

  • First, you have to know what it is to be politically conservative. This means you have to understand what political conservatives typically believe in. Such beliefs typically include lower taxes, individual rights of citizens, not straying away from constitutional law, and a strong national defense or military presence.
  • It's also key to understand the difference between political and social conservatism. Many political conservatives also believe in many traditional social values. Such values include emphasis on faith, family and religion, traditional marriage, abortion being severely restricted or illegal, and belief in other traditional family values.
  • Make sure to educate yourself to the affiliated political parties, mainly republican, libertarian, and tea parties. Understand their core values and beliefs as well as their philosophies.

Why do girls wear seductive clothes? "Get attention, but honestly when they do that they're getting the wrong type of attention. And they wonder why they get looked up and down. I just don't see why they don't realize it?? I guess they feel they have to do what everyone else is doing, or at least what they think they're doing. And if you go to the clothing stores they do sell a LOT of seductive clothes, so no wonder they're wearing it, it's practically all they can find."

"Because they think that boys will like them. They know that it's way that they will definately get attention. They know that if it's there guys will look, and that's what they want. To seduce boys. And there are girls who think it's cute. I'm one of those girls who thinks modest is hottest. :-) it rhymes!"

Read more about dressing sexy too soon

Why do guys like sluts? "Imature guys are in for he sex,boobs, all that " good stuff" but later on will want a good woman for the mother of their kids."

"me personally dont trust the slutty types because of obvious reasons. and the conservative girls just seem boring. so somewhere in between would be kinda perfect."

"First, the word 'slut' is very demeaning. It places a person (female and/OR male) in a very low standard. People are visual first. They see what is pleasing to 'their' eyes. Some guys prefer the gal to dress a bit for risque (or daring). Those are the ones they want to show off. The more conservative ones are the ones they will introduce to their families."

"We want sex with people we barely know because sex is fun. Sorry, but that is basically it. It's not about being shallow, it's about sex feeling good and being fun. I don't think it is slutty for a girl to sleep with guys. Has it never occurred to you that maybe they enjoy sex? Yeah, some girls act like that hoping to feel wanted, but some of them just enjoy having sex."

Do guys prefer sluts over more conservative girls? "I dress really modestly and really classy, people say I remind them of Blair from Gossip Girl, and my boyfriend likes it. Before I met him, he used to be a real player and he is in second year at university. He used to sleep around and said he liked it when girls dressed slutty, because they were cheap and easy to get sex. When he looks for a girlfriend he prefers girls who dress modestly and cover up, because it shows they have morals and respect themselves. The girls who dress slutty are good for a one night stand, but he says modest girls are good for life, you know where you stand lol xoxo"

"People typically don't know what they want ( that includes BOTH guys and girls). Men are very sexually attracted to "sluts" but seek more meaningful relations with "conservative girls". Men a lot of times have trouble distinguishing between what they want sexually and what they want in a long term relationship with the opposite sex, much like women have trouble distinguishing between what they want romantically and what they want for a secure future."

In conclusion, don't let your friends try to pressure you. If you wish to live a conservative lifestyle in any of these ways, they will support you no matter what if they are truly your friends. You don't have to be a housewife if you are conservative. Many conservative women also have good careers that they enjoy. All in all, be happy with your decisions, and remember that you don't have to change for anyone.

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