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Everything you need to know about Big Baller Brand

Athletic apparel inspired by the Ball Brothers

Big Baller Brand, trademarked as BBB, is an apparel and footwear company based at Chino Hills, California in the United States. The private company was founded in 2016. There was a soft launch in June when the brand started selling its first shorts, sweatshirts and t-shirts through its official website, also the only online store at the time. Presently, the company is into designing, manufacturing and selling footwear and apparel. Recently, it has started importing and selling bottled water as well.

Origin of Big Baller Brand

Big Baller Brand was founded by LaVar Ball. He named the company after his sons and has stated on record that each of the three Bs in BBB is symbolic for each of his three sons. LaVar Ball is the father of three basketball players, who are also referred to as the Ball brothers. They are Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball and LiAngelo Ball. Big Baller Brand is not confined to apparel, footwear and bottled water as the company has been actively involved in setting up the Junior Basketball Association. The company has pledged to completely fund the JBA and host Big Baller Brand Challenge Games. The BBB Challenge Games is poised to be a series of exhibition games hosted by the Vytautas Prienai-Birstonas, the Lithuanian Basketball League, which two of his sons play for. The exhibition games will also feature both LaMelo Ball and LiAngelo Ball.

About the Founder

The founder of Big Baller Brand, LaVar Christopher Ball was born on the 23rd of October in 1967. He is a media personality and entrepreneur, a former personal trainer and retired football player. He is the present CEO of his sports apparel brand and also the founder of Junior Basketball Association. LaVar Christopher Ball announced the launch of the company in April, 2016, and managed a soft launch in two short months. He has officially stated that the brand is built on the foundation of his core family values.

LaVar Ball has played basketball and football for Canoga Park High School. He played collegiate basketball, representing West Los Angeles College, Cal State Los Angeles and Washington State. He played football for Long Beach City College but only in one season. Ball had a professional career in the World League of American Football when he played for London Monarchs. He was in the practice squad of Carolina Panthers and New York Jets. He did not make it to the official playing team for a regular season of National Football League.

Ball used to play tight end donning the jersey number 99. He is six feet & five inches tall and weighed two hundred & sixty three pounds during his brief professional career. He was undrafted in 1994. His stints include practice squads for New York Jets from 1994 to 1995 and Carolina Panthers in 1995. The only time he took the field in a regular game was with London Monarchs in 1995.

More than his career and skills as a player, Ball has been in the limelight in recent years for his controversial remarks on television, his relentless criticism of Los Angeles Lakers where his son Lonzo Ball plays, his now famous tiff with President Donald J. Trump following his son LiAngelo's detention in China while being accused of shoplifting and his constant promotional efforts to boost his Big Baller Brand. Some of his remarks that have created a storm in recent memory include comparing Lonzo Ball, his son, with Stephen Curry and hailing his son as better. He also claimed that he would defeat Michael Jordan if they were to meet for a one on one basketball game.

About Big Baller Brand

Big Baller Brand has teamed up with Garment Decor to design, print and ship t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts. The first products to be sold through its official site were in fact products made by Garment Decor. Big Baller Brand has also teamed up with Brandblack, a sneaker company, to design its line of footwear.

Brandblack has floated a subsidiary agency called Santa Ana Design, which is its offshoot creative firm, to work with Big Baller Brand, while the parent company maintains its independence from the fledgling brand. Big Baller Brand is presently being managed by Alan Foster, who is a family friend of the Balls and has some experience in designing shoes. Big Baller Brand has also teamed up with Birstonas Mineral Water. Despite the strategic partnerships, the company has often been criticized for its expensive products and substandard customer service.

Big Baller Brand has registered BBB with the Parent and Trademark Office of the United States, including its official slogan of built for this. The sportswear company has already rolled out its signature shoe called ZO2. The shoe designed for one of the Ball brothers, Lonzo, had a base price of almost five hundred dollars. It generated substantial traction in the media.

The high price was widely criticized and LaVar Ball took the negative feedback head on by basically saying that quality shoes come at a cost and that one who could not afford them was not a big baller anyway. Since the rollout of ZO2, Big Baller Brand has also launched a signature shoe called Melo Ball 1 or MB1 for LaMelo Ball. The MB1 costs $395. The third signature shoe for the last Ball brother, LiAngelo, is called Gelo 3. It has the same price tag as MB1.

Big Baller Brand has been expanding its presence in Lithuania after LaMelo and LiAngelo were signed up by Vytautas Prienai-Birstonas, a team playing in Lithuanian Basketball League. This also led to the partnership with other Lithuanian brands such as Birstonas Mineral Water, the bottled water company and one of the sponsors of the team. The Junior Basketball Association regulated professional league is poised to be launched in 2018. The league is being touted as a substitute for college basketball and the focus is going to be aspiring talented high school graduates who want to make it to the big leagues. The league will require all players to wear BBB products and bear the brand name on shoes, apparel and other gear. Presently, BBB has an F rating from Better Business Bureau for poor practices, especially customer service.

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