How to Dress Like a Rockstar

You don't have to be a rockstar to dress like a rockstar

Do you know how to dress like a rockstar? Well to dress like a rockstar you need to have lots of funky fashion. Don't be afraid to express yourself. every outfit you're seen in should be new and unexpected to those around you. Your outfit should say that you're not bound by any social norms or rules. Not being afraid to try unheard of combinations will definitely help in giving you the rockstart look. You have to be out and beyond with yourself.

What you have to do to look like a rockstar is to show yourself. The rockstart style is actually a bit more than just the clothing on the top layer, you'll have to have to feel a certain confidence about what you wear even if it means going against what other people think. If you stand tall with it, it will become.

The music industry has paved the way for more diverse choices in fashion as well. Perhaps one of the most popular models of the music industry is a rockstar. People of all ages tend to emulate their favourite singers who have a distinct sense of fashion as they parade down the streets sporting their rock-inspired outfits. even if you cannot play the guitar or any other similar instruments that your favourite rockers dexterously play, anyone can party like a rockstar only if he knows what outfit to wear to become like one.

Here are some tips for you to be an epitome of cool

Get idols as inspiration

Who would be a better fashion icon than your favorite rock stars? You may emulate your most favourite singers so you can come up with an idea of how you can create your style. Look up to different rockers with great personal style, and for sure, you will fare well in your quest towards a new rocker image.

Go through your wardrobe

After you have browsed in different pictures and magazines, you may now go through your closet and hunt for possible alternatives that may let you pull off that rocker image that you always wanted to have. We might think that our staple clothing will not contribute to a new rocker image but think again. The clothes that you have ever had might be excellent choices that would let you achieve the look of a rock star. Jeans, t-shirts and sunglasses are just some of the outfits that the rockers sport. Once you have these pieces of clothing in your closet, you are one step ahead of pulling off that image.

Mix and match your attire

Most rockers tend to choose clothes which are darker in colours. You can mix your existing wardrobe to your other pieces of clothing. Perhaps you might want to have a vintage design shirt to match your torn jeans or so. Learn to be creative with your styles following your image icons and everything will go on well.


As you can see, most rockers have various accessories which complement their rugged image. Some of those apparel are sunglasses, belts and even jewellery. For sunglasses, the bigger they are, the better. This will give you the image of having a glamorous get-up. As for jewellery, rockers prefer studded wristbands or earrings. If you are in for those girly jewellery pieces, drop them altogether because they are not going to pass off for a rockstar image. If you want to party like a rockstar, you may settle for silver necklaces and earrings. For men, if you do not want to have a permanent piercing done on your ear, might as well pay for the magnetic ones. This will give you the image of a rockstar without the fear of having a permanent piercing on your ear.

Shop for clothing

If you are still unsatisfied with what you already have, it will be best to shop for new clothes in different stores which specialise in giving you that rocker image that you want to pull off. They can give you the idea of how to come up with a rock star style that everyone dreams of having.

How to Dress Like a Female Rockstar

These days, being a vocalist or a member of a rock band is not just for tough guys-it is also becoming more and more popular among girls. You will find many female vocalists these days such as Amy Lee of evanescence, Hayley Williams of Paramore, and Shirley Manson of Garbage.

These women give new meaning to the word "hot" and "tough". It is no wonder that many young girls are following the footsteps of these "rocker chicks". However, it is not as easy as 1-2-3 to copy their looks or their fashion. It's not enough that you act or sing like a rock star, you also have to dress the part. For female vocalists, it's hard to achieve the tough, I'm-a-member-of-a-rock-band look without being too masculine. Male rock band members can wear lots of tattoos, black t-shirts with skulls and crossbones, and a spiked 'do. For females, these might be too much.

To get that tough yet feminine rock star look, here are the things that you should do. Look around you. Like what was mentioned before, there are many female vocalists of rock bands these days, so it will not be difficult to get ideas on what to wear. Make a list of all the female vocalists that you can think of in your genre and then search for their pictures over the internet. Take note of their usual style. You might even be surprised that their method is not as different as yours; maybe you just need to add some accessories.

Think of one piece of clothing that you can make as your trademark style. Can you still remember Avril Lavigne's signature tie? Her tie is one of the reasons why many people noticed her. When she first came out, people referred to her as 'the girl with the necktie', but now, she became more popular, and she started to lose the signature piece of clothing. Other examples are Courtney Love's babydoll top or Gwen Stefani's clothes with patterns and bold colours.

This is also applicable to hair do's or makeup. If you like wearing heavy makeup with green lipstick, then you can make it as your signature style. Or if you want to sport a pink hair, it will be easier for the people to remember you.

You should know where to get the clothes that you want to wear. You can find great clothes fit for a rocker chick in thrift shops and online stores. These are usually cheap and unique. But if you prefer new clothes, look for brands that offer styles such as graphic baby tees, baby doll tops, high cut rubber shoes, or colorful jackets.

Since you are just starting your career as a rock star, it's essential to be consistent and to stick to your style. This will make people remember you more by associating you with that style. And of course, since you do not have a makeup artist, you have to do it by yourself. You have to learn how to make up artists do it.

Pictures of People Dressed Like A "Rockstar"

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