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Your Style is Seductive, but are your ways?

It's important to know what men find sexy about a woman with style
how to be seductive

Curious to know what men might find sexy about you as a woman? Here are a few things you should know about what guys find sexy in women. So without further adieu, let's get started.

She loves to give affection: A woman who isn't afraid of giving affection is appealing to guys. They want to know that their affections don't go unnoticed, and when she gives her affections in return and even just randomly, he knows she cares and that's sexy.

Playful: A woman who is comfortable with being playful and not serious all of the time is very attractive. If a woman loves life and isn't afraid to show it with a bit of playfulness, it shows she's happy with herself and is a sign of maturity. There's a time for work and a time for play, know when those times are and that's a plus in your court.

She knows how to say thank you: More times than not, a man is out treating a woman to a nice evening of sorts on their first few dates. A woman who knows how to say thank you is grateful and appreciates the gesture and planning he did for her. A thank you shows that the woman is happy with him, meaning if it were to continue, he knows his plans will make her smile.

She has rules, but isn't afraid to break them every once in a while: There's something incredibly sexy about a woman who has rules and sticks to those rules but isn't afraid to break them every so often. Men like women who can be a little fun and get a little loose. For many guys, finding that balance is very hard to find, but if a woman has it, it makes her irresistible.

She thinks his jokes are funny: While a guy does like a woman who can crack a joke, he likes it more when she thinks he's funny. If a woman can enjoy his company and laugh at his jokes, that's sexy to a guy.

She likes and understands men: Just because a woman is dating doesn't mean she understands how a man works or thinks. Even worse, she may not even like how he thinks. If a woman understands a man and supports him through good and bad times, then she's a keeper.

Being beautiful: Beauty is a hard thing to concretely describe. What some people may like, others may not like so much. The one thing that holds true however is a woman is beautiful if she cares about how she looks, puts effort into grooming herself, and dresses in a way that flatters her figure.

Sex doesn't make her squeamish: Not all men want to have sex right away, just like they all don't want to have sex after marriage however, they want to be able to talk about it when the time is right. A woman who is mature enough to talk about sex and not get uncomfortable or grossed out by it shows a guy that the woman is a grownup and willing to discuss mature matters.

She isn't afraid of fear: It isn't being fearless that is sexy. It is the fact a woman can stand up to her fears and go forward with her life that makes her sexy.

She might get knocked down a few times and suffer some failures, but men will always be chasing her and asking for her number. She is confident, and isn't afraid to show that confidence, even if it involves her fears.

She knows how to kiss: Every guy loves a woman who can kiss. If a guy thought a woman's sex appeal wasn't that great, but they managed to kiss and she was a great kisser, the whole ball game changes. Guys love great kissers, and find that incredibly sexy.

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