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Are You a Girly Girl or a Tom Boy?

Do you dress like a Tom Boy or Girly Girl? What's are the Pros and Cons?
Written by Heather Gunn

Are you a Tomboy? Do you like sports, skateboarding, not a fan of shopping? You probably ask yourself every day if a guy will be into you because you maybe wear dark colors, might have a bit of a manly personality, or just generally like things that more men like than girls. The good news is that there are people out there who like tomboys. You as a person need to find someone who will complement you. You need to find the perfect yin to your yang, or vice versa. Be sure to choose someone who will not only love what you have to offer, but can also deal with some of your rougher edges.

tomboy style - dressing like a guyMen are still men though. Don't be afraid to show your guy that even though you have a tomboyish personality, you also can act like a girl every once in a while.

This doesn't mean that you have to compromise for a guy, but don't be afraid to do your hair in a nice way, or wear a nice dress. Let him see the womanly you, and let him love and adore you just as you do him. Ultimately, you need to find someone who will love you for who you truly are, don't be afraid to be yourself, but don't shy away if your man wants to make a move every now and again.

The cool thing about you being a tomboy is that you in a way relate more to men more than a girly girl does, but don't take that for granted. You have some awesome pros, some of which include your aggressiveness, your love for wings and beer, and of course, the fact you like to work out and keep your body fit. The thing to remember however, don't be afraid to show off your body every once in awhile. It might make a guy feel a little awkward at first if you use phrases like dude and bro, but just remember that most girls don't say it, so it takes some guys getting used to. You're a go getter, so go out there and beat your favorite crush in Mario cart, or fight with him about who is going to win the super bowl. You never know, it might spark more than just an interest.

Tom Boy vs Girly Girl Would you rather date a gorgeous obvious girly girl or a tomboy? Ever have one of those chics that you have always felt comfortable around just because she was always one of the guys? Over time you see her as someone other than the tomboy. You start to really notice her body and attractiveness more and not just the type of clothes she has on.

Kendra Wilkinson wearing a gold dressOf course there was always the hot girl that always stood out to everyone. Every guy wanted to date her and every girl wanted to be her. She always had the perfect hair, perfect body, her makeup was flawless, and her skin was always glowing. But, what is necessary of you to date someone like that? So, that being said...who would you rather?

The pros and cons of dating a tomboy can actually balance out. High points of dating tomboys are you can be yourself. You want to belch out loud; she would probably try to stop you. It's easy to have fun in the most casual ways without worry you are being too boyish. Tomboys want to find someone to be comfortable around as well without scaring the boys away.

She also loves sports so you won't have to take time away from the game to explain what is going on. She also probably gets really aggressive and talks like a guy around the guys. So when she says things like "bro" then the dating thought may throw you off a little. She probably has an awesome body under the baggy or loose fitting clothes she wears around casually.

Something else that may not sit right with you is the fact she has guy friends. Being a tomboy, she may not be having spa days with other girls. This means, you need to understand they are her friends and not to get too controlling or jealous at the fact other guys are around. It is possible for guys to be just friends. Now, for dating girly girls. You would have the same problem with controlling and jealousy.

She is hot. Every guy wants her. They will try and do anything just to talk to her or get her number. The thing with girly girls to watch out for is they know they are hot. They work hard every day to keep up their image. They know the time they put into themselves deserves to be complimented. That is where you come in.

She NEEDS to hear this daily. Probably more than once a day. You would need to make sure your standards are as high as hers. You must look like you spent an hour on your hair, tan, perfect body to match hers. There is much to keep up with her needs. If you feel you fit the profile then a girly girl may be your type. You would be the model couple that everyone envies.

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