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Too Sexy, Too Young? A Woman's Opinion

I realize that teenagers can be creative when they get dressed. Girls want to cut jeans into short shorts. They want to cut a slit in their t-shirts so that their cleavage shows. Girls want to cut holes in their jeans to show a little skin or a trace of their underwear. Its hard for them because there are so many ads in magazines and on TV that are displaying provocative clothing. It is part of a parents' job to filter and discuss the things that their children are exposed to. Parents need to let their daughters know what is acceptable and what is not.

So ONLY today's teens wear inappropriate clothes? You're mistaken. It has always been like that, especially in the last 50 years. Before that, teenage years weren't such a thing. You was either a child or a young adult, there was almost no "in between".

Why did teens in the 20's wear clothes the elders of the 00's disapprove of? why did teens in the 30's wear clothes the elders of the 10's disapprove of? I could go through every generation and ask you that and the answer would be the same. Hell, I didn't get to pick my clothes as a teen, the mother did and she still didn't like the ones I had!

Kids have been making their own styles and showing more and more skin as a way of asserting themselves and breaking free from old, dominating Sharia type laws of religion and parenthood as they shear away from both types of lifestyle (and now the gov't is trying to bring religious christian sharia back; re Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House who now does not allow sleeveless dresses or blouses or open - toed shoes in "his" house. what's next? Nationwide banning? I don't think so!).

Kids everywhere are standing up for themselves and wearing what they want, when they want and want no one to tell them no, just like in the old days, when girls wore skirts with pleats and were shorter, and bathing suits that showed their ankles (gasp!) and men who wore shorts. and short - shorts that gripped the junk tight. Get over it. Teens have long been wearing clothes deemed "inappropriate" for decades. It's not something that only occurs today. as time fades, will we still see these clothes as "inappropriate"?

As a woman, I understand why some teens might dress provocatively. Many teenagers today feel self-conscious about their bodies, and feel the need to dress it up to make themselves feel more beautiful or even sexy. Today, people are much more materialistic and focus on beauty too much. The fact that they may be attracting other teenagers with their bodies appeals to them because it means someone else thinks they are beautiful.

Today's teens are bombarded with sexual imagery and innuendo the moment they turn on the TV, open a magazine or step into a shopping mall. Sex is used to sell all manner of products, from clothing to cars.

Why do teens and tweens dress so provocative? Parents are you ready for the answer? They dress this way because you allow it! Young ladies can't wear provocative clothing if their parents don't buy provocative clothing.

Parents stop caving in to the madness that is supposed to be fashion for teenagers today. Your daughter is not holding a gun to your head, (at least I hope not) demanding that you buy her provocative clothes. Its your money and you choose what to spend it on.

Actually, even when it is your daughter's money, you still get to say what she spends it on because she lives under your roof and you are the parent! If your daughter goes shopping with her friends and you are not present, you should inspect her purchases. If there is something that is inappropriate, you should take her back to the store so that she can return it.

I am sick and tired of looking at young girls showing cleavage and butt cheeks. Teenage girls are wearing their clothes so tight that it seems as if they can't breathe. Teenagers should look their age. They are not supposed to look sexy. How many of you want a grown man lusting after your daughter because she is dressed provocatively and she looks like a grown woman?

Teenagers will be teenagers so they may change their clothes after leaving home. I get it! Most teenagers that change clothes and put on make-up after leaving home, at some point will forget to return to their original look before coming home. I believe that if you instill the fear of consequence in your kids, these sneaky episodes will be minimal.

As parents, it is our job to teach our daughters to respect themselves and to demand respect from others. when teenagers dress in a provocative manner, they are inviting disrespect from males young and old.

Moms and Dads have to constantly confront issues that arise from their daughters' bodies maturing in a society that seems to sexualize them more and more. One nearly daily battle is around clothes. Too sexy? Not appropriate? what can be done to help our girls dress in a way that makes them feel good and doesn't turn them into sexy objects?

Given the current state of things, does modesty even matter anymore? Our culture tells us no, and we've been so affected by the world around us that sometimes we don't even stop to think about what our appearance says about us, or how it measures up to God's standards. God calls us to a life of purity, and modesty is a natural outworking of a pure heart.

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