Nyla Lueeth

As an Instagram celebrity, 18-years-old Nyla Lueeth has become a trend with more than 380 thousand of followers at this social network. As a promoter of social justice, girl empowerment, girls rights, and self-esteem for black-skin women, this girl has created her own organization called "Tendaji" under the name of purp.alpaca at Instagram. Being the #4 at trends for those who born in Sudan, turns this girl into one of the most influent Instagram models in the actual time.

Who Is Nyla Lueeth

Born in Khartoum, Sudan, Nyla Lueeth is a black-skin girl who works with the goal of empowering woman and helping other girls to feel good with their selfs no matter how they look, also through her organization and her account she fights against the systematic oppression of her native community. After a few years, Nyla move to Alberta, Canada.

Within the concepts of Nyla's work, one of the most mentioned are "golden days", these means to her as a very outstanding time during people's lives in which they feel considerably happy and pleasured with who they are and their surroundings. On the other hand, wide concepts in global scale like what is need to change the issues of violence and terrorism also take part of Nyla's campaigns.

In the case of violence issues, Nyla Lueeth comments on several occasions that what is needed to change the world in those situations is the use of guns and the application of laws that must be implemented to protect people around the world with the restriction of guns, warranting that people who committed crime face justice.

Otherwise, Lueeth's platform goal is to utilize it to achieve her goals as an influencer. Principally, she wants to influence people about embracing their individuality and to be comfortable with their skins. One of the questions Nyla has been asking through her life is where real happiness originates, discovering that it originates from spending time with yourself and investing time in finding what makes you happy before looking for those things in others.

Lueeth's plan to find her own "golden days" is based on being actively focused on reaching her goals through her foundation "Tendaji" by building a school and creating a connection of empowerment with the future students of the area. Additionally, as a personal dream with her friends consist in traveling to America.

What Does Tendaji Mean?: Native Meaning

Tendaji is an African name originating from Swahili's language that means "makes things happen". Usually used for naming boys, this word has become a symbol for women's empowerment for its significance encouraging women to follow unconventional activities and going through their comfort zones to challenge those women to "make things happen".

What is the objective of Tendaji itself as an organization? Make things happen to women through networking, information sharing, resource allocation, and relationship building. Inside the concept can be found two inner concepts: Tendaji Green and Three Leaves. This two concept represent the image of tendaji. In the case of Tendaji Green, it represents the color of vibes such as life, nature, and energy that represents harmony, freshness, fertility, environment, and growth. Also, the green color is usually associated with money and finances.

In the case of African culture, the color green is one of the most relaxing colors to the human's eye bringing to people healing energies, also, it's the dominant color in nature. On the other hand, the three leaves represent passion, productivity, and presence. Passion means the urgency that fuels you to do whatever you want. Productivity is the noticeable expression of your inner passion. Presence, as the last element, represent how people show up their selves through a unique and valuable way with confidence.

The exponents of this organization conferences go from fitness consultants, pastors, international speakers, journalists and other women -most of them, black- that dedicate their lives to empower women through their professions and show them how to feel confident with their selves and teaching them her rights as a woman inside their cultures.

Another goal of Lueeth's organization is guaranteeing every girl receives the education they deserve based on the concept that knowledge is power and with this power the can show unimaginable ways to have a big impact all around the world. Also, Nyla ensures that each woman holds an unthinkable potential that with a correct education can be projected as a huge voice giving them the power to change the world.

Popularity On Instagram

The popularity of Nyla's account on Instagram has beeing in ascent since day one. With more than 380 thousand followers in her account purp.alpaca situated this 18-years-old girl inside the first 20 thousand of most popular people on Instagram, the number 4 of people who born in Sudan and the number 2 from those who the first name is Nyla and known by the people as "the black Hannah Montana".

How Nyla Lueeth Reach Her Own Happiness

Not everything has been a fairytale, reaching happiness is not an easy deal and is one of her biggest struggle through her life. The way she finally reaches her own happiness was making constant the act of being self-conscious to not be afraid to stand out from other people and not be afraid of being different. This can be done by accepting the things that make you different and use them to build yourself.

Otherwise, she usually advise to teenage girls that happiness can only come from their selves recognizing her worth without compromising their integrity. If as a girl you know your worths and value your confidence that can guarantee to be comfortable in your own skin and body. Through her work, she decided to be a leader for other girls like her that don't know how to feel confident with her bodies and suffer from discrimination or abuses of her human rights just for being black-skin or a woman based in campaigns that empower women to fight for those objectives in their societies.

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