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Instagram Models and Fashion

Since its launch in October 2010, Instagram has become the biggest mobile and Internet-based photo-sharing app at all times. Created by Kevin Systrom and acquired by Facebook in April 2012, with more than 800 million -for September 2017- of users, Instagram is the principal spotlight for celebrities and influencers to turn their lives into a trend, especially inside the world of modeling and fashion.

How To Keep Your Feed Up to Date With Fashion Trends

Instagram is a VIP pass to every fashion trend, starting with fashion parties, behind-the-scenes, fashion insiders, brands until celebrities recommendations. But, is not that easy, as a user you must need not only how to be inside every trend but also know who to follow for knowing every fashion update at the moment that is released to public's eye, for example, photographers, industry insiders, celebrities, or influencers.

Top Models of Instagram

According to the rankings, Instagram has more than 10 million followers spread on fashion-related accounts that are inside of business of fashion. Inside the principal brands that control Instagram are Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and Louis Vuitton, nevertheless individual models dominate the trends like Victoria Beckham or Kendall Jenner.

For the end of 2017, the younger Kardashian conquer either Instagram trends and modeling business, Kendall Jenner turns into the most-followed model of this social network at the top 10 with more than 80 million of followers.

  • 1. Kendall Jenner - 83.7M+ followers
  • 2. Cara Delevinge - 40.7M+ followers
  • 3. Gigi Hadid - 35.9M+ followers
  • 4. Emily Ratajkowski - 15.1M+ followers
  • 5. Bella Hadid - 15M+ followers
  • 6. Chrissy Teigen - 14.6M+ followers
  • 7. Gisele Bundchen - 13.3M + followers
  • 8. Miranda Kerr - 11.5M+ followers
  • 9. Candice Swanepoel - 11.3M+ followers
  • 10. Adriana Lima 11.2M+ followers

Influencers: Who To Follow and Why

Fashion influencers are the most important part of many pages that follow Instagram trends, not only because of new designers but also give them fabulous outfits for daily routine. Earlier, to start as a blogger or as a fashion influencer you needed to create a simple website now is as easy as creating an Instagram account to impact on how people dress daily from high fashion to high street. Otherwise, the major problem with every user is that anyone calls themselves a fashion influencer. How can we differentiate between good or bad ones? These are some of the top fashion influencers:

Isabella Thorsden: Hailing from Denmark, this influencer blends a minimalist trademark from her homeland with the special styles of the United Kingdom, specifically London. Also, in her account, she makes coffee and cake recommendations. You can found her with the user isabellath.

Emma Hill: As a London blogger, this influencer under the user of emmahill mixes up affordable and designer, creating high-street outfits saving some money but always looking expensive. Her inspirational outfits bring to Instagram feeds a real style affordable for everyone. @emmahill

Ada Oguntodu: If someone looks for fun in a dictionary probably the picture that appears is from this girl, Ada's style is full of colors and completely designed for bringing your style out of mainstream outfits that you find every day. In her fashion blog, you would find fresh outfit inspirations and on her Instagram account ada_oguntodu.

Aria Di Bari: Every chic ticket is in the power of ariadibari. French, Italian and Spain styles bring this designer outfits a must-have on every girl wardrobe. Otherwise, she also thinks about your budget because every simple but elegant piece of any collection can help you to buy without an extensive budget.

Pernille Teisbaek: With her name as her user (pernilleteisbaek) this model and stylist has revolutionized Instagram's work that creates absolutely inspiring outfits with a Dane style, from small outfits to high-end accessible looks this influencer uses the latest trends from recognizable brands as inspiration.

Maja Wyh: The super cool styling of majawyh turns her into the queen of the oversized shirt and skinny pants. If you are a fan of oversize clothes such as shirts or coats combined with skinned pants and obviously a pair of rock-boots this influencer can help you to inspire your wardrobe. @majawyh

Fashion Trends For You: Instagram Shops

Another important part of Instagram fashion is the online boutiques because these allow you to own every trendy piece you love at your favorite influencer account. The connection between Online Stores and Instagram is that the first ones use the social network to promote their collections.

At the moment you decide to buy in an online boutique is a must-know that is an activity that requires time by the fact that not every store fill your needs, you must find the correct sizes and find the style among the big catalog of styles available. Here are some of the top online stores at the actual time:

Saboskirt: This Australian label with worldwide shipping a more than 1 million of followers created by Thessy Kouzoukas and her sister Yiota Kouzoukas bring to every fashion love unique clothing from casual to fancy with all their varieties.

Billy J. Boutique: Another Australian label with worldwide shipping, this time for off-shoulders fans! This brand gives to every girl a catalog of flowy tops and light clothing that can serve as a daily routine or for special occasions but always keeping in mind elegance and luxury.

Showpo: The guys from showpo brings to you any kind of clothing, from bras to shirts, skirts or dresses. With their high-street styles and luxury pieces that brings style and an expensive looking for anyone that use their collections. With more than 1 million followers give to all their clients around the world the best of experiences. @showpo

Basically, being inside Instagram's trends is not an easy business, but is not even impossible. If you are decided to invert part of your time -and money- in this mentioned business do it! The best part of fashion or modeling inside Instagram is going out of your comfort zone and inspiring others to look awesome in a very affordable way.

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