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How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Don't Like How He Dresses

Don't tell him that he looks bad; tell him what you do like

You're at a nice date, or maybe even just a party or gathering that people have invited you to be a part of. You and your beau show up and immediately you know he sticks out like a sore thumb. You want to tell your lover that he really should change the way he dresses, but you love him, and would never want to hurt his feelings. What sort of things should you say without being too much of a jerk about it, but still being able to get the point across? Let's take a look at some ideas.

First, suggestively tell him you want him in something different. For example, say you went to a store together, and you quietly say something like hey babe, try this on real quick or a similar line as you pass by a certain aisle of clothes he might look good in.

He might fight with you a little, but if you are nice about it, he will most likely understand and go with it.

The next thing to do is to just accept it. Sure, you don't like the way he dresses but maybe he doesn't like something you do either. From this point you can do one of two things. You can either just accept it or move on. After all, love shouldn't just be a physical emotion, or you can sit down and talk about the situation. Say you don't like something he wears, or the way he takes care of himself, and say he doesn't like something you do either. The two of you can sit down and work out a compromise that works for the both of you making you both change something to make the other happy.

Remember, you wouldn't like to be told you dressed ugly either, or that you didn't look good in a certain outfit or style. Keep this in mind when you approach the situation, whatever you decide to do. Take your feelings into consideration when approaching the subject, and think of how you will feel if the shoes were reversed. Would you try to change? Would you take it ok? Ask yourself these questions, before deciding to ask your boyfriend to change his style of dress.

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