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How to Get Your Boyfriend to Dress Better

It may be superficial, but you hate the way your partner dresses. When trying to get your boyfriend to dress better, it is best to first approach the situation in a very passive aggressive manner...

Are you sick and tired of seeing your boyfriend murder fashion every day with his dress sense or rather his lack of it? The thing with guys it's that either they care about how they come across too much or they don't care at all and obviously, when you are being pitted with someone, you would at the very least want your better half to dress appropriately every so often.

Getting your boyfriend to dress better is not exactly an impossible thing to do but it can certainly prove to be a tricky task because the last thing you want to do is undermine your guy. He won't like that very much and in any way, if you love someone, you would not normally want to deliberately hurt his feelings at the expense of fashion. To address the whole concept of how to get your boyfriend to dress better, we bring to you the top 5 tricks of the book that will see your guy keeping in tune with fashion trends without you putting too much strain on the relationship in general.

How to get your boyfriend to dress better | Tip #1

If your boyfriend does not care much about his clothes and the way he dresses then the most sensible thing you can do is get him clothes that you think will look good on him. Don't leave it up to him to choose his clothes. When you guys are out shopping, take it up to yourself to pick out clothes for your guy bearing in mind the current fashion trends for guys and his stature. What will look good on a tall guy might not flatter a guy with a rounded figure.

How to get your boyfriend to dress better | Tip #2

If you suspect that your boyfriend has issues with the way he looks, try to coax him into telling you about his insecurities. Currently, slim jeans are in almost all over the world in terms of fashion trends for guys and if your boyfriend is rather reluctant to get into slim jeans then there should be reason for that. Before you can even hope to get your guy to change the way he dresses, you will need to understand how he perceives himself and his surrounding. If you are with someone who dresses badly, don't impose your opinions on him but rather try and understand his point of view.

How to get your boyfriend to dress better | Tip #3

Be encouraging. If you are trying to bring a change where the way your boyfriend dresses is concerned then try and be as supportive as you can. When you notice that your guy tried something new, compliment him and make him feel that you appreciate the effort. Don't be a bully. Be a companion and a patient one at that. Don't forget that no matter what people might think, men love affection and they like to be complimented and pampered.

How to get your boyfriend to dress better | Tip #4

Often guys like to borrow clothes from people they know. If your boyfriend has that ailment then you will need to consider doing something about the whole situation. Usually, having a word with your guy's friends might be a good idea but obviously, this advice is not a universal one particularly if your guy happens to be possessive.

How to get your boyfriend to dress better | Tip #5

Subtly get rid of clothes that you don't approve of and replace them with outfits you like. If your boyfriend is very much attached to his wardrobe then the whole process will need to be carried out very cautiously and you will often need to resort to tactics such as bribery.

If your boyfriend still doesn't get the hint

It may be time to play to his desires, obviously he's attracted to you so with you picking his outfits you'll be increasing his sexual appeal. Explaining this to your boyfriend this way just might do the trick. No sane guy will want his girlfriend to be less attracted to him when there is such an easy fix available.

It's pretty much common sense, if you the girlfriend are into fashion and he is not. With him playing a role in your passion for fashion will only make the bond between you two stronger.

Does your boyfriend need a makeover?

Men are not always born with the same fashion gene that women get. The well-dressed men you see on the streets and on television are often gay, have professional help or are models. Read: Makeover advice from fashion expert Tim Gunn

Okay girls, if you've tried everything and he still refuses or doesn't appear to be dressing any better you must use this guide it has a pretty high success rate.

P.S. Guys, that you got the girl not to become complacent and making the effort to take pride in your appearance can go a long way. It's important to smell good and dress nice for your girlfriend.

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