Why is Ed Hardy so Expensive & Popular?

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Written by Niamoni Chanel
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Why is Ed Hardy so expensive and popular? Well it all goes back to tattoos. Tattoos have always had a huge impact on life, religion, & music. Many teen rebels or elder people look at tattoos as a cool decoration for the body such as a piercing.

However, because some religions banned tattoos from even been mentioned it causes many conflicts on whether it should or shouldn't be allowed.

Now I myself don't have any tattoos or even support the idea of someone else skinning in kind of needle in my skin to put decoration on me. I believe the only thing that need decorations is a christmas tree. Christian Aldugier the created of Ed Hardy had a brilliant idea.

Instead of having people going to the tattoo parlor. He thought about what if the tattoo's were imprinted on the clothing this way it won't interfere with the person's religion or way of life. It would still be as appealing to the popular. Now when some parents first see an ed hardy shirt they may look at it as a whole bunch of decoration on a shirt. However, if you ever looked at the shirt you will see the resemblance it shares with an actually tattoo.

This is very appealing to urban markets as well as suburban; because many people look at tattoos as an urban thing. A wealthy man with a strong educational background created it so it's able to appeal to both sides & still have the celebrity support to back it up.

The real reason Ed Hardy is so expensive is because of the time it takes to make a piece that actually resembles the tattoo design.

It's not like you're getting generic text posted across your apparel, instead you're getting high quality detailed artwork that fits your persona.

With the amount of detail required on each Ed Hardy piece, the print method is also said to affect the cost of the finished product. It's unlikely that the price of these designs will get any cheaper.

You'll find the public stating Ed Hardy is expensive because the creator is a tattoo artist in California and was able to get celebrities wearing the clothing. Since then, paying an inflated cost for an Ed Hardy piece was accepted by the general public.

Many people complain about the price of anything they think may be a little excessive. However, trust me when you want something you always find away to get the money and pay for it. Like for those who are addicted to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram...if your internet would go out today. I'm sure you would find a way to get your fix.

Ed Hardy Tattoo's

There are people who love the brand so much they've elected to have it tatted on various parts of their body. Take a look at these ed hardy inspired tattoo pics...

ed hardy tattooed hardy tattooed hardy tattooed hardy tattooed hardy tattooed hardy tattooed hardy tattooed hardy tattooed hardy tattooed hardy tattooed hardy tattooed hardy tattoo

What is Ed Hardy's target age group? All ages can be seen wearing Ed Hardy clothing, there really isn't a specific age group the style is confined to. Since the designs are tattoo inspired it's more about self confidence and how you carry yourself.

Pictures of people wearing Ed Hardy woman wearing ed hardy celebrity samuel l jackson wearing ed hardy shirt a family dressed in ed hardy t-shirts ed hardy event danny trejo wearing an ed hardy shirt ed hardy black dress

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