What it means to be Fashionably Late

You're always rushing at the last minute, even though you've promised yourself countless times that you wouldn't let this happen again

In the frequently evolving world of nowadays, our idea of self-importance has widened and with it, our general courtesy and awareness of some people have reduced. But who can criticize us? We dwell in a modern society built on the constructs of moving a million miles per second, in which free time is a foreign word. 'What we need when we need it' is our anthem, and no one will stand in our way.

Being fashionably late is mainly applied to one's attendance of a party or event, for one can imagine Marilyn Monroe swooping in 60 minutes late in order to make her grand entrance, or in other words, five days late to one of her own rehearsals. However, the term "fashionably late" has now broadened to envelope more than a 15-minute tardiness to a dinner, but rather into every aspect of our difficult lives from blowouts to coffees with a friend. We get so caught up in the daily business that we stop planning ahead.

Trains are late, we can't prevent that, nor can we prevent lunchtime or end of day traffic. We swoop in apologizing for our tardiness or sometimes we don't, yet instead, we just appear and plop down too consumed in our own worlds to offer up an excuse. What we don't understand is though we regularly feel the weight of our chaotic lives, so too does everyone else around us.

Based on the type/style of the event fashionably late can also range from 5 minutes ( to a dinner date or a small gathering ) to 45 minutes-1 hour. This period frame allows enough other people to have actually arrived so that it is not only the birthday person and their parents in attendance and also conveys the possibility that you have come from a previous engagement.

An hour late to a dinner party is socially unacceptable and can portray an unwelcome tone of, however, an hour late to a keg party is assumed and will be recognized as being fashionably late ( again discretion must be employed to make sure that the beer will not be finished prior to your arrival).

How many times have you walked into a room and exhaled, "i'm so sorry i'm late, it's been a CraZY day !" We don't take the time to factor in how the other person feels, for perhaps their day was just as crazy as well. rather we offer up excuses or accept the 15-minute leniency "fashionably late" allows. Nevertheless, how long is actually fashionable? 15 minutes? 25? 35? When did it become acceptable, whatever the scenario, to make someone else wait on our behalf? The answer is it hasn't. The question shouldn't be about the length of time, but instead of the reason, we do it. We try to be fashionable in every aspect of our lives and we feel truly great when we know we look it. What we neglect amid our busy days is to extend that style to other parts of our lives. We certainly can't control some situations, but we can plan for nearly all them.

Nobody wants to be the first one there because a party is uncomfortable with just 2 people. so most people plan to arrive a bit late, in the hopes that the party will already be underway and they can jump right into it ( as opposed to idly waiting for other people). Unfortunately, this has a domino effect to the point where everyone just arrives at least 30 minutes to an hour after whenever your alleged start time is.

It's pretty stupid, sincerely. When scheduling coffee, try walking out the door two minutes before, stop what you're doing with enough time to clean up, or pencil in other meetings accordingly. Don't wait until the last second or book other engagements one on top of the other because you'll never be on time for anything and definitely not in style. Dressing the part is important, but it's only half of it.

So when you know you'll be running a few acceptable minutes late, shoot over an email or text or even a call -God forbid - and make your lateness a tad more fashionable instead of just plain rude!

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