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While knowing how to thrift store shop doesn't come naturally to everyone, Shopping at thrift and vintage shops add a unique quality to your style and the price is usually right!
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Vintage clothing is getting to be a trend in fashion wear these days with many Hollywood stars wearing vintage clothing for red carpet engagements. But vintage clothing is not meant for everyone, unless you can carry that outfit and look your glamorous best. When you wear vintage clothing you need a stylist to be able to give that clothing the finishing touches so that it fits you perfectly and looks like it was made just for you.

But what exactly is vintage clothing? Many people are under the impression that vintage clothing means clothes from the 40's and 50's and of yesteryear when the fashion designers like Yves Saint Laurent were at their height, but in fact vintage clothing can even mean clothes as recent as a few years back. Though today vintage is a name given to any clothing that is used and second hand and is a way in which to sell that clothing at a much higher price than it is worth.

The song Thrift Shop by Macklemoore comes to mind when thinking of vintage clothing. In the song the rapper delivers a clever jab at our cultural obsession with fashion. Read more about: Why Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" Is A Masterpiece written by Mark Blankenship.

Buying vintage clothing today though has many problems associated with it. There are not many bargains to be found, most of the vintage clothing has already been bought up by designers and boutiques, dealers and fashion houses. This clothing is used as inspiration by modern designers to design today's fashions. Though it is still possible to find some vintage clothing at a bargain, most sellers are aware of the prices commanded by this type of clothing. Also sometimes vintage clothing may not be of good quality. It depends on how it has been stored, many a times if it has not been stored properly it is mouldy and sometimes it may even fall apart when you put it on.

Buying vintage clothing has its advantages. First by recycling clothing you are helping to conserve resources. Then again when you wear vintage clothing instead of contemporary designs, you are sure to be wearing something that is different from what others are wearing.

Also with vintage clothing you can always sell that clothing at a higher price later. Another advantage of vintage clothing is that it need not have a designer label, if you like the clothing and it suits your style, you know that you have something different than your peers. When it comes to vintage clothing, you can check on those old clothes belonging to your older relatives. Sometimes you may even find clothes belonging to your grandmother which could be worth quite a bit of money. A vintage look can also be achieved by just wearing accessories like sunglasses, belts or jewelry.

When it comes to vintage clothing, you should know where to shop if you are really serious about the look. There are many shops that cater to vintage clothing where many designers go looking for clothing that can inspire them with their new designs. There are also some fairs held which cater to vintage clothing and fabric on a regular basis.

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