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Sharing Clothes with Your Daughter

Establishing Boundaries for Sharing

To share or not to share, that is the question. Most mothers around the world will have to resolve this dilemma at some point in time. For many mothers, their daughters grow up rather quickly and both are of same size and height, if not weight and thus eligible for sharing clothes. Some mothers are lucky as they have a strict rule of not sharing. Many daughters are not interested in their mothers' wardrobe and hence the dilemma is never born. Exceptions aside, mothers will find their daughters stealing some of their prized collections. Many daughters will be coaxed to wear what their mothers wore a long time back. Many families have a practice where mothers and daughters as well as fathers and sons buy similar clothing and they exchange all such apparels over time.

Sharing has to be Planned

The first thing to consider about sharing is if there is a plan in place. Random sharing or relentless sharing is a bad idea. Mothers should resist the temptation of saving money by passing down a chunk of what they own and have worn to their daughters. Likewise, daughters should not vie for the coveted wardrobe of their mothers. A line must be drawn to determine what would and should be shared, how often and which pieces are out of bounds. If there is no plan, then the whole practice of sharing can go too far and both the mother and their daughter will go berserk.

Drawing the Fine Line

It is needless to mention that lingerie or undergarments cannot and must not be shared. Mothers and daughters should not share their shoes either. Most women have multiple pairs and not all are comfortable. Daughters must be encouraged to wear shoes that are comfortable, supportive and utilitarian. Shoes tend to sustain a footprint that the wearer leaves behind. Every pair of shoe you own will gradually take the shape best suited for your foot, while at rest and in motion. The moment someone else slips into those shoes, the harmony is disrupted. Like undergarments, shoes should be off-limits.

Safe and Pragmatic Sharing is Wise

There are many clothing items and accessories that mothers can safely share with their daughters. Accessories like purses, wallets, watches, jewelry and hairclips among others can be shared any time and as much as one wants. Mothers and daughters can also share jeans, t-shirts, shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets and suits or even gowns among others. This is pragmatic sharing. It saves money and one can actually make use of clothes that otherwise would have been piled up in the closet without any further relevance. Many mothers and daughters love it when they share and wear such clothes and accessories. This is a pleasure that neither mothers nor daughters should be deprived of.

Age Appropriation is Key

There are many clothes that are age proofed. From t-shirts to jeans, tops to skirts, jackets to hats, many apparels and accessories can be worn by any woman of any age. Mothers and daughters can always share such clothes without worry. However, a daughter should not be compelled to wear an outdated piece of clothing. A mother should not wear something that is ideal for a teenager and completely inappropriate for someone in their thirties or forties.

Daughters may want to dress in a more mature way. Mothers may want to feel younger and hence the longing for fashionable clothes of the time. Sadly, neither is a great idea. Daughters must be allowed to explore what is contemporary for them. Mothers should adhere to what looks good on them, not just on the basis of age but their present state of figure, weight and appearance. Compromising such a policy or not attending to age appropriation will prove to be unwise.

Mutual Agreement to Share

Families often have a legacy of sharing clothes and passing them down from one generation to the next. Sharing clothes with your daughter must not be dictated by such a policy. Daughters must have an equal stake and should have a say in this. Mothers should also have the liberty to turn down requests from their daughters. Only when both the mother and the daughter are willing and happy to share, should there be any sharing at all, unless it is the lovely wedding gown or a singularly prized dress for a special occasion.

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