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How do fashion bloggers afford their clothes?

Fashion blogging has become extremely popular in recent years. However, the world of fashion blogging can look confusing from the outside looking in.

People wonder, how do fashion bloggers afford all of their spending? Are they making money? Well here are the answers to those questions regarding fashion bloggers and their income. Fashion blogging can seem like the most perfect job. You get to shop and try on different outfits all day. Most of the shopping done consist of designer clothing and designer shoes.

This leaves many people to wonder, how are the fashion bloggers affording all of the spending that they seem to be doing? The answer can vary for many reasons. Fashion bloggers have ways of making pretty great incomes as well as getting some amazing deals off of certain fashion items.

What is the best way to get people to buy your clothing and shoes? The answer is, have other people who love your brand write reviews and make blogs that say how amazing your clothing and shoes are. This is exactly was certain brands do! Different brands may offer free clothing and shoes to certain well known fashion bloggers just to get their brand some publicity.

style and fashionMany fashion bloggers have such large followings that anything they post will automatically get thousands of views. This attention can be perfect for certain brands. Some of the clothing and shoes that you see the fashion bloggers writing about were given to them as free publicity gifts. They get the fashion item for free, and in return the fashion brand gets more customers who want to buy. This not only works out well for the fashion brand, but it also works out well for the fashion blogger.

Many fashion bloggers make good money advertising on their websites. Depending on the web traffic that the fashion blog gets, can determine the kind of sponsor that the fashion blogger will get. Certain advertising companies will pay fashion bloggers to let their ads run on their sites. This not only brings more traffic to the site that is being advertised, but it also pays the fashion blogger well and allows that blogger to be able to afford more fashions to buy.

Another factor to consider when wondering how fashion bloggers can afford the fashions that they buy is that they might be working other jobs. Many fashion bloggers do not blog as a full time means of income. There are many fashion bloggers who have fulltime jobs who just use fashion blogging as extra income in their spare time. This is a very common thing to do in the blogging world.

If this is the case then the blogger will be able to afford more fashions with having two jobs. There is no telling what the other job may be so you never know exactly how much the blogger can be making. Fashion blogging alone can make a great income so adding on another job could make an even more amazing income which would allow more fashions to be purchased.

Another possibility to consider when questioning how fashion bloggers afford their fashions is that many may be stay at home spouses. There are many stay at home wives and husbands who get so bored at home that they start blogging. With the head of the household making the income and fashion blogging to the side, there is no telling how much some of these fashion bloggers could be making. The fashion blogging can bring in a pretty nice income if added onto another income which would make spending a little easier to do.

There are many different ways that fashion bloggers can be making their money to be able to afford all of the expensive fashions that they may have. These different ways are just a few of the most common ways that fashion bloggers usually make money. Each fashion blogger has a different set up when it comes to money making so it is very hard to know exactly where the money is coming from but as for the clothes and shoes, a lot of the fashions are given to the fashion bloggers or offered at a discounted price for free publicity.

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