Fashion Blog: Passion or Money

Do you have a passion for fashion?

If you have a passion for fashion, there is seemingly no end to the resources and blogs online highlighting the latest trends and news in the world of style. Those who blog about fashion have started primarily out of passion for the industry, but what is it that keeps them going? Is it that love of style and sharing the latest trends? Or is the money that can come with running a successful blog?

There are several different ways fashion bloggers can earn money and gain other rewards through their sites. Prolific bloggers who have high numbers of readers can acquire revenue through advertising and affiliate programs, while others may even be sponsored to blog by clothing and accessory companies. Other perks can include being rewarded with clothing or accessories in order to review or feature it in a blog post. Furthermore, some designers or boutiques may even have their own blogs, used to promote themselves and connect with consumers.

fashion blogging 101: how to make profit from your passion for fashion

Despite the potential financial gain, however, the general consensus seems to be that most fashion bloggers do it out of love, not just to earn an income. Blogging gives those who love style and writing a creative outlet to share what they're passionate about. One fashion blogger even remarked recently that she considers herself to be forever a student, and that her site gives her the opportunity to learn about new trends and news and share it with others. She went on to state that while the financial benefit is nice, the interaction and comments from readers are largely what keep her inspired to write.

Other women who have run successful fashion lookbooks for upwards of five to ten years have shared that they do it to make style more accessible and relevant to an increased number of women, that fashion relates so much to the world at large and that they have a passion to create and share something. One writer even commented that she's motivated simply by finding great deals on designers and sharing them with others.

Fashion blogging is a way to stay connected to a topic many women and men are incredibly passionate about. Style is more than just a part of life or a job; it's a hobby as well, and blogging lets those who indulge in or appreciate everything from handbags and shoes to lingerie be expressive about what they love and dislike. In addition, fashion blogging is about more than just sharing trends. With the Internet becoming the most common form of sharing information in 2013, fashion bloggers aren't just sharing what the hottest styles of the moment are; they're helping to define them. Playing such a key role in the industry is also a distinct motivator for some fashion bloggers.

Despite the fact that most bloggers seem to run and update their websites out of love for style, there is no denying that becoming a fashion blogger can be a lucrative career. However, it should be noted that those who are successful enough to do it and earn a steady income are the lucky few. The vast majority of bloggers are hobbyists or those with smaller readerships who either don't earn much from their websites or don't care to. Still, the idea of becoming a fashion blogger is appealing and rewarding enough that some colleges are even offering courses of study and certificate programs specifically focused on the subject.

Regardless of whether fashion bloggers are motivated by passion for the topic, the potential of income or even freebies from designers and companies, the most successful ones do it primarily out of love. It is a desire to talk about fashion partnered with knowledge of the industry, an interesting, compelling writing style and consistent site updating that make fashion blogs successful in terms of readership and financial gain.

As websites become more popular and fashion bloggers are able to make a living out of their websites, some may become enthused mainly by money, but it does not seem that they are in the majority. Those who blog about style and change from doing it out of love to doing it only for an income will start to lose interest. Subsequently, so will their readers. Sites that place a significant emphasis on blogging for money can also start to appear too much like giant advertising campaigns, or sneaky methods of shilling the latest designers and fashions. When that happens, numbers of website visitors can decrease and the related financial benefits will too.

ashley's passion for fashion

As stated previously, becoming a successful fashion blogger isn't easy, which is another contributing factor for why many are motivated by passion like Ashley, interaction and creativity rather than just the potential of cash. When money isn't the main reason for writing, it becomes easier to keep up with and stay excited about - when the income is small or non-existent, positive feedback from readers can be the boost fashion bloggers need to keep going with their sites.

Style bloggers who continue with their websites out of excitement for the industry and the desire to share and connect with others who love fashion will remain the most successful in the long term. Readers will sense their enthusiasm through their writing and be more likely to take the blogger's advice and recommend the site to his or her friends. Authentic connections through fashion blogs can be their own rewards as well as lead to money-making opportunities.

So, if you blog only for money don't expect to get anywhere or keep a steady income. If you blog out of love for fashion, generating revenue may take longer initially but will be more rewarding in the long run.

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