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The Inspiration of a Fashion Lookbook

Seeing stylish variations of outfits on real people always keeps me saying to myself, "that's amazing".
"It's great to see the fashion sense of people with realistic closets putting outfits together with accessories."
"I get so many fun and new ideas on how to pair similar pieces together. It's refreshing to see how many people are having fun with their clothes, thinking outside of the box with an independent style and looking great."
"I have a passion for fashion, and it's even more fun when there is an audience who cares. I dress for that audience."

What Are You Wearing Today? Take A Daily Outfit Photo

Have you started taking pics of your outfits yet? It could actually give you a head start deciding what to wear for the next day. Sure you could plan to put your outfit out before you goto bed, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. You stay up late doing something, and the next thing you know your alarm is going off and you panic because you don't know what to wear & you have approximately 5 minutes to make the decision.

I almost cringe when I look in my closet, & I just cannot dress myself. This goes hand and hand with the limited-time problem on an sadly regular basis. Luckily, this is where the daily outfit pics can help. A quick browse through my closet outfit photos & I remember that the seemingly-unwearable (but very cute) dress goes VERY well with those trousers… & so on.

We're your source for outfit ideas & inspiration.

Can't figure out what to wear?
Not sure when you last wore your favorite top?
Your outfit lookbook can help your organize your closet
Lookbook: A lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a style, or a clothing line.
WAYWT: What Are You Wearing Today

Take a look and see who's wearing what

Stylish photo of the outfit I wore
Blush Pink Pants and Denim
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Outfit Style

I love pants. They're probably my favorite article of clothing. I love to take risks with different types of pants, especially pants that not everyone would feel comfortable enough to wear. This blush pink pants aren't outrageous by any means, but what I love to do with any kind of not-normal pair of pants is pair them with a denim shirt. It's a great way to tone the pants down. The pony tale, white Keds and cross-body bag give the outfit a sensible look.

Outfit Wear

Another one of my everyday outfits. :)

Discover some of the beautiful outfit photos from Michelle Wohlgemuth's Summer 2013 lookbook. A female fashion icon from Provo, UT
Stylish photo of the outfit I wore
Lookbook Photo
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Outfit Style

Lookbook Photo

Discover some of the glamorous outfit photos from Kacey Bridget-Marositz's Spring 2010 lookbook. A female fashion icon from Maywood, NJ
Stylish photo of the outfit I wore
Aldo Martin's Blazer
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Outfit Style

A soft jersey material blazer with beautiful jacquard pieces.

Outfit Wear

I interned at a fashion trade show a couple weeks ago. The rep wanted me to model the clothes were were trying to sell to the buyers. This blazer was my favorite. It was made by the brand Aldo Martin's from Barcelona.

Go visit some of the trendy outfit photos from Debbie Malave's Spring 2010 lookbook. A female fashion style icon from Boston, MA
Stylish photo of the outfit I wore
At The Airport
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Outfit Style


Outfit Wear

Arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA

Take a look at some of the beautiful outfit photos from Nicole Polizzi's Winter 2010-2011 lookbook. A female fashion style icon from Seaside Heights, NJ
Stylish photo of the outfit I wore
Soft and Sweet
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Outfit Style

I love the shade of mint in my shirt with the purple color of my maxi skirt, but because the shirt is too dressy for the skirt, I threw on the denim jacket to dress down the shirt to pull the whole outfit together.

You're invited to view some of the trendy outfit photos from Michelle Wohlgemuth's Autumn 2013 lookbook. A female fashion icon from Provo, UT
Civil Ape Apparel 's My Closet Lookbook photos

Civil Ape Apparel

Streetwear by a ragged collective of art kids . more
Carol Hannah Whitfield's My Closet Lookbook photos

Carol Hannah Whitfield

Carol Hannah became a designer before even she even realized it...Growing up in Anderson, South Carolina, about as far away as you can get from anything fashion, Carol Hannah began leafing through pattern books checked out from her local library. Carol Hannah's self-taught skill of pattern making more
March Garments and Accessories Co's My Closet Lookbook photos

March Garments and Accessories Co

Brooklyn-based clothing line March Garments gets its name from the literal verb meaning: to go forward; advance; proceed. We provide style for you to function in as you continue your march forward. MARCH is an acronym which stands for: My Actions Radically Change History The name March is taken more

Fashion Blog

For the last few years, fashion blogs have been taking the world by storm. These are blogs that cover topics related to fashion, clothing, and trends in the business and everything in between.

Some of the leading blogs cover the latest events in fashion, like the latest unveiling of new lines from the latest brands up to the up-and-coming designers.

These blogs will also refer to the shopping blogs, named because of the nature of conversations that happen in the websites. Some fashion blogs also serve as commentary for the state of the fashion industry. read more