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What to Wear to a Casino
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The Inspiration of a Fashion Lookbook

Seeing stylish variations of outfits on real people always keeps me saying to myself, "that's amazing".
"It's great to see the fashion sense of people with realistic closets putting outfits together with accessories."
"I get so many fun and new ideas on how to pair similar pieces together. It's refreshing to see how many people are having fun with their clothes, thinking outside of the box with an independent style and looking great."
"I have a passion for fashion, and it's even more fun when there is an audience who cares. I dress for that audience."

What Are You Wearing Today? Take A Daily Outfit Photo

Have you started taking pics of your outfits yet? It could actually give you a head start deciding what to wear for the next day. Sure you could plan to put your outfit out before you goto bed, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. You stay up late doing something, and the next thing you know your alarm is going off and you panic because you don't know what to wear & you have approximately 5 minutes to make the decision.

I almost cringe when I look in my closet, & I just cannot dress myself. This goes hand and hand with the limited-time problem on an sadly regular basis. Luckily, this is where the daily outfit pics can help. A quick browse through my closet outfit photos & I remember that the seemingly-unwearable (but very cute) dress goes VERY well with those trousers… & so on.

We're your source for outfit ideas & inspiration.

Can't figure out what to wear?
Not sure when you last wore your favorite top?
Your outfit lookbook can help your organize your closet
Lookbook: A lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a style, or a clothing line.
WAYWT: What Are You Wearing Today

Take a look and see who's wearing what

Stylish photo of the outfit I wore
Black & White
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Outfit Style

Black & White

Outfit Wear

Casual Sunday at home

You're invited to view some of the adorable outfit photos from Stephanie H's Spring 2010 lookbook. A female fashion style icon from San Diego, CA
Stylish photo of the outfit I wore
Glamour Girl
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Outfit Style

I just bought this shirt and I fell completely in love with it. It is literally the epitome of my style. I love the detailing on the ends of the sleeves. I used the black detailing to incorporate black into the outfit. I then added these gray sandals to bring in another color other than purple and black, to lighten it a bit.

You're invited to view some of the stylish outfit photos from Michelle Wohlgemuth's Summer 2014 lookbook. A female fashion style icon from Provo, UT
Stylish photo of the outfit I wore
No Caption
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Outfit Style

No Caption

View some of the pretty outfit photos from Jo Smalll's Summer 2011 lookbook. A female fashion icon from Allen, TX
Stylish photo of the outfit I wore
A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock n Roll
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Outfit Style

I wanted to juxtapose two contrasting fashion ideas with my look today. A little bit citified, Rock 'N Roll, thus my favorite boots and the semi beat up leather jacket. By adding in the soft cardigan and tote, I took things down a notch and made it a bit more folksy and unfussy. Do you like it? I love the size of this bag, it truly fits my entire life ...and more. I am also fond of the logo, very Chanel, no?

By the way, how do you like my newish header? I tweaked it a bit this morning. ;)

Discover some of the amazing outfit photos from Erika Marie's Spring 2011 lookbook. A female trendsetter from Miami, FL
Stylish photo of the outfit I wore
Sixties Pinstripes
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Outfit Style

How has your week been so far? I hope it's been great. I finally sat down and watched Despicable Me last night. Can I just say it's my new (maybe forever) favorite movie? Pharrell Williams set the tone through the soundtrack and Steve Carell warmed my heart. I am just like the littlest girl, Agnes. Collecting anything with a Unicorn on it!

As for my outfit today, I broke one of my own rules: denim on denim. I never do it. Yet seeing the varying washes and styles it seemed approachable. I love these train conductor pants. The cut is just right for my long legs and adds a sixties touch, which I of course adore.

View some of the glamorous outfit photos from Erika Marie's Spring 2011 lookbook. A female fashion icon from Miami, FL
Pradeepan Indrakumar's My Closet Lookbook photos

Pradeepan Indrakumar

Footwear Designer I cover all angles of shoe design, and I am a specialist in sportswear. To me the combination of aesthetic form and function is considered an integral component when creating performance products. Problem solving is a strength used well whilst designing products for the more
Little Misty's Boutique's My Closet Lookbook photos

Little Misty's Boutique

Little Misty's Boutique is the brainchild of Sandra Shane, a mother and grandmother who has the special ability to design and produce high quality infant and toddler clothing and accessories at an affordable price. Sandra has more than 30 years of experience at dressing newborns and infants in high more
1860-1960's My Closet Lookbook photos


My mother, Beth and I have always loved antiques and unique vintage finds. Ever since I was a small child my mother used to take me to yard sales and swap meets. Always looking for that unique one of kind item. For the last 40 years we have been buying, selling, and collecting antiques. Ten more

Fashion Blog

For the last few years, fashion blogs have been taking the world by storm. These are blogs that cover topics related to fashion, clothing, and trends in the business and everything in between.

Some of the leading blogs cover the latest events in fashion, like the latest unveiling of new lines from the latest brands up to the up-and-coming designers.

These blogs will also refer to the shopping blogs, named because of the nature of conversations that happen in the websites. Some fashion blogs also serve as commentary for the state of the fashion industry. read more