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Make-up Makes You More Attractive, but Confidence Even More

Confidence is important for any woman to have, big or small.

While some women may see the emphasis of looks and beauty as being disrespectful and belittling, others may see the use of beauty as an asset as a form of weaponization. The use of beauty to get what one wants is finely divided between two different philosophies, one that views it as a submissive pledge of allegiance to chauvinism while others might go in the completely opposite direction and view it as being an expression of natural power and cunning.

wearing eyeliner makes your eyes stand out moreMake-up is undoubtedly a powerful tool in a woman's ability to attract the opposite sex, and so are the clothes that she wears. However, a more intimate look into the science of sexual attraction is required to fully appreciate the contribution that confidence brings to attraction.

A man that is "turned on" is in a state of high stimulation and energy, regardless of how they may appear on the surface. Sexual communication is both loud and silent at once, and the most volume is frequently on a wavelength that is invisible to the ear but booming to the less overt senses; for this reason, confidence is an indispensable factor in fostering an attractive image.

The way that one carries themselves can care subtle but resounding effects in the kinds of impressions made on complete strangers; with comfort in one's own appearance comes a heightened level of comfort that others have with one's presence as well, which can prove to be equally as beneficial as dressing and smelling attractively. Anxiety and inner-tension are contagious, but fortunately, so are feelings of security and comfort. Because confidence exudes one's inner state of comfort, those in the presence of a confident person feel more comfortable; such an interaction is highly conducive to less inhibited sexuality.

The use of beauty in order to attract good fortune in a professional setting would, therefore, be a gamble on the essential level and thus not the most reliable thing to rely upon entirely for advancing through positions of high status. While there are undoubtedly women and men that have managed to advance to their positions in a manner of simply looking the part, they have been extremely fortunate to be one of the few to have made it work for them.

Attributes such as confidence and assertiveness may very well be qualities that a great deal of men and women find attractive, but the fact is that there is no way to tell exactly how much or how little is the best amount to please any one person, and so using those attributes strictly as a measure of being more attractive is not a reliable course of action.

So many girls feel insecure about themselves believing they are not talented enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not thin enough, not fun enough and not good enough.So many girls feel insecure about themselves believing they are not talented enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not thin enough, not fun enough and not good enough. It would seem wiser to first take care to foster a feeling of confidence, self-worth and security on the inside before putting a complete investment into what is simply external.

Make-up, as it has to be applied by the woman using it to her own liking, is effectively an extension of the woman's own sense of style and control. If there is enough aptitude and power drive on the inside to make an impact in the professional forum, then the make-up one puts on could effectively be an extension of that drive that serves an advantageous effect.

The effect that appearance has on advancing in the workplace and forming relationships is debatable, but the effect of a strong and secure attitude in bettering the quality of life overall is indisputable.

Here is someone that proves to be a great example of why confidence is key.
Courtney Mina of The Glitter Thread

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An anonymous user wrote - "Stumbled on your blog at random, and I just have to say your confidence, self acceptance, and attitude are so inspiring. Makes me realize how much I need to love myself. Thank you."

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