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What Does It Mean to be Chic?

What does fashion's favorite word actually mean? Chic is when something is stylish, when something is cool, when something is proper, when something is ineffably, indescribably, great.

Synonymous with:

the adjectives:

stylish - elegant-
smart - posh - fashionable - dressy

the nouns:

 Style - elegance - smartness- elegancy (sic)

( search of 'define chic')

That is, if
you Google'd the word chic. But what chic really means is largely open to your own personal interpretation and style. Just because chic is synonymous with 'smart' doesn't mean that you should dress like a well groomed college English or French professor. Even though coincidentally, the word its self came from a French word originally then into the English language as far back as 1870.

Chic is more than just what you wear. Chic by definition is an ideology. That is according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.  Thisspeaks more to the point made by Monsieur's Merriam and Webster.  Chic '2: a distinctive mode of dress or manner associated with a fashionable lifestyle, ideology, or pursuit <wearing the latest in urban chic>'

-M-W dictionary

So the 'ideology'part of the word Chic, seems to resound more than just what you wear but how you wear it and how you pull it off. Being confident with mating your styles can be just as important as any other factor. If bending your classic signature styles with the trendy fads of the time is asking too much, you can always over do it and then tone it down to a level of comfort before you leave for the cotillion. After all being chic can be whatever you want it to be. Shabby chic, urban chic, metro chic. Just in case you're curious; searching the internet for jungle chic will not bring any surprises.

There is a jungle chic. See Spring 2010 for information. Believe me it is SO 2010. That brings to mind the timeliness of chic. Chic has been around since the 1870's so put on your tea gown and disco shoes. Add  a little bustle to your hustle and dance your self timeless.  

On a more serious note. Chic is as chic does. You need not worry too much when you're out setting trends in your local Bistro. Have fun, play with your style. What feels right
for you is the best way to go.

There is no need to go out for the evening with a bird on your head. Unless that is what suits your feeling of chic at the moment. But be sure that you are conscious of your
appearance, Chic is not an accident. Nor is chic and accident about to happen. Remember the part of the definition that says smart? It's there for good

So the idea of being chic or dressing chic is to add a little 'je nais se quoi' to your outfit. This adds a lot of variation on what Chic could mean. It depends on the style of the
day. It also means your style having having a little rendezvous with the said 'style of the day.' Maybe try taking your favorite cotton casual summer dress and adding a color coordinated beret and silk scarf. For a touch of the elegant you could add that 'to die for' Swarovski Tabloid Cuff that you or your sweetie bought for you on Valentines Day.

Voila! You're one Chic chick! Don't forget the attitude.
Chic is merely a state of mind after all. 

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