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What I Wore in February 2018 (Winter Season Clothing)

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Maegan Tintari of Los Angeles, CA

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About My Style

est. 1976 {I'm 33} ~ a Second generation Valley Girl. I'm a graphic & web designer & work for an art dealer in an art gallery in Los Angeles T.Th.F until 3pm. Each of those mornings I post a Completely Gratuitous Outfit Post and document my outfit here.

I bore easily. I do handstands in open areas. I like puzzles, vintage & DIY. I'm a perfectionist but I prefer "detail oriented". I get crazy when I notice grammar mistakes I've missed in posts after the fact. I most definitely talk about my hair too often ...but I get a lot of questions about it. I have major road rage. I love to sing and dance ...and used to be in an all-girl pop group called "Goddess". I like funny shit. FASHION. All things design. Art. Music. Ridiculous television. And more Fashion. My dogs. My husband. Zero dependents as of yet {but we're workin' on it ~ on and off}

This is my life Maegan . . . and yeah, it's totally all about me.

Interesting fashion & style facts about Maegan

Maegan Tintari Style Facts
Body Stats : Height, Weight, Size, etc.
Female Los Angeles, CA
Height I'm 5'7" ...I wish I were taller, my husband wishes I were shorter {bone size=Large}
Weight I weigh 135lbs on a skinny day and 140 right before my period ;)
Measurements 36-1/2, 27, 37-1/2 {I just measured}
Size I wear a size 6 {but if an 8 or a 4 look better, I'll get the one that looks best}
Size I'm a Medium {if sizes go by s,m,l}
Jeans In jeans, I'm a 28-30 ...depending on the jeans
Bra Size 34C {technically, I'm a 32C but it's rare to find that size}
Shoes 9 ...designer shoes, 10 although it's rare to find them wide enough
Fashionista The fashion facts label (also known as the style facts information panel) is a label shown with quick facts about Maegan's fashion insights.

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Look of the Day

as of Apr 4th
My closet outfit photo #1742

Occasion Wear

I woke up this morning 30 minutes before I wanted needed to so instead of trying to fall back to sleep, I laid {lay? lie?} in bed and thought about everything I was grateful for ...and I can't confirm or deny the fact that I had a really, really great day because of it. It also happens to be Spring Break which means about 50% less traffic in Los Angeles, and that alone dignifies arms raised in the air in praise. But I found myself laughing and giggling and just generally relaxed and smiling more all day long. So if all it takes is 30 minutes of gratitude {while stretching body in bed in the morning} then I'm totally in ...and seriously, why haven't I tried this sooner? ...oh yeah, I must enjoy misery ;)

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My closet outfit photo #1734

Outfit Style

80's {lightweight} black suit. Thrifted ...but technically vintage,

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My closet outfit photo #1514

Occasion Wear

Did everyone have a nice Valentine's Day? ...well, at least a nice weekend? The husband showered me with hilariously slutty outfits of which I cannot reveal ...and after that had a relaxing day playing poker with friends online on the xbox. It was actually really fun and even though the weather was so warm and we should have been outside enjoying the day, much fun was had on the couch ;)

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My closet outfit photo #1502

Outfit Style

It may or may not be apparent but I finally got my hair done! I'm so loving the messy bob look but I played it safe {as I have been since my late 20's} and just had her cut off about 3 inches and throw in a few layers. I know I've mentioned her before but I seriously love my stylist ...if I wasn't so lazy and low-maintenance when it comes to beauty routines, I'd totally see her more often. If you're in LA and want amazing hair, go see her too.

Nikki Shabani
12930 Ventura Blvd. #220
Studio City, CA 91604

Occasion Wear

Husband and I had just finished mounds of sushi moments before shooting these photos and I'm pretty sure the salt from the soy sauce had already begun the swelling process. puff. puff.

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My closet outfit photo #1493

Occasion Wear

What's with all the super smiles this week?!? lol ...I guess I'm happy. I think it must have been the gloriously warm weather we had this week, giving me a glimpse of Summer. Or maybe because I got my hair done and feel oh so pretty again. Maybe I shouldn't over think it like I do with everything and just relax and enjoy it! Cheers!

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