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Did you know that two thirds of all women get ideas from store windows while they're out for a day of window shopping?

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  • Park Avenue

    Mens business suits as well as fashion attire. Floridas leading mens retailer of suits and tuxedos. For business, pleasure or formal event Park Avenue has you covered! For more than twenty years Park Avenue has been providing the Lakeland, Tampa and Orlando areas of Florida, Fl with finest Italian ...

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    • Eyewear and Sunglasses

    Contacts and Specs

    Contacts and Specs is a family owned luxury optical retailer in Chicago since 1982.  We have helped people all over the world in the selection of their eye wear needs in our store and through our website.Visit Site ...

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  • Black Halo

    A Halo, like an angel, but it's tarnished just a little True to its name, Black Halo finds inspiration in the beauty of contradiction. From structured pencil dresses that read more vamp than traditional, to modern draping with Madam Gres roots, designer Laurel Berman fuses rebel with romance to crea...

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  • Urban Chic

    Chris and Lindsay Buscher opened the flagship Urban Chic in 2004. Over a period of five years, Urban Chic locations opened in Harbor East, Bethesda and Annapolis. Urban Chic, a contemporary clothing boutique, mixes pieces from established brands with newer trends from up-and-coming designers. Ur...

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  • Little Misty's Boutique

    Little Misty's Boutique is the brainchild of Sandra Shane, a mother and grandmother who has the special ability to design and produce high quality infant and toddler clothing and accessories at an affordable price. Sandra has more than 30 years of experience at dressing newborns and infants in high ...

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    • Plus Size


    The Boutique Taille Plus stores specialize in plus size clothing for women, and our goal is to make you feel even more beautiful. We have one store in Montreal. We dressed 1X - 6X...

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  • Buckle

    The Buckle is a high-quality, on-trend clothing, accessories and footwear for men and women. Our guests seek to express their individuality through fashion. And our teammates are trained to be stylists and denim experts. We make it easy to find your next favorite pair of jeans....

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  • Hattie's Branches Boutique

    A chic boutique for the fabulous fashionista.... We are a women's clothing boutique offering juniors and women's contemporary clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories to complement any style!...

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    • Trendy Women's Clothes
    Womens Clothing

    Fashionable and Trendy Women's Shoes, Women's Apparel, Club Wear.

    "I choose my clothes according to what looks good my on me and not price."

    "The internet is really a good place to find clothes that nobody else has. I hate going to a club and wearing the same clothes as somebody else!"

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Why The Offline Shopping Experience Still Matters

While it is obvious that online stores and shopping venues are here to stay, it is equally obvious that they will never completely replace the offline shopping experience. In fact, due to online to ability to shop online without ever leaving the house shopping in that brick and mortar store may be even more important than ever before as long as retail stores are willing to go beyond just selling their fashions and other merchandise and creating a real experience for their customers.

Why The Offline Shopping Experience Is Important

With a still shaky economy, and lower income levels than ever before, consumers have less money to spend when shopping which means that they simply don't shop as often or buy as much when they do shop. It also means that when they do get the opportunity to shop for something they need or want they view shopping as a temporary escape and a treat rather than a daily experience and they want to get out and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

This means actually getting out of the house and planning for their shopping experience. Whether the customer goes alone or with friends or family members shopping has become an excursion rather than just something to do and the shops that can offer their customers a pleasurable experience are the ones that are going to thrive in today's world.

Which is exactly why many offline shops are combining both an offline and online experience. New businesses are carefully considering not only the best locales, but also the best decor, lighting, music and displays. Window displays are once again a big deal advertising the best of what these stores have to offer and creating an interest for shoppers to come and explore.

Products are arranged to make it easier than ever before for customers to see, touch, and feel the products as this provides an experience that online shops simply cannot provide. However, retail stores also know with the whole world going mobile that it is easier than ever before for customers to compare prices so that once they see a product if the store can't offer prices in line with those online shops, that their customers will order online. So in order to compete, stores are offering the best experience possible to cement customer loyalty.

This means hiring friendly helpful personnel, Providing places to rest, and in some cases even free coffee or soft drinks. The result is a wonderful well rounded experience for the customer which is something that online stores simply can't duplicate.