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Contacts and Specs

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Experience luxury eyewear and unrivaled service at our family owned Chicago Showroom.
Broadway | Chicago, IL 60657
  • Founded: 1982
  • Headquaters: Chicago
  • Clothing Style: Eyewear and Sunglasses

Contacts and Specs is a family owned luxury optical retailer in Chicago since 1982.  We have helped people all over the world in the selection of their eye wear needs in our store and through our website.

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Mykita Bernard Willhelm Sunglasses Sepp Limited Edition

Mykita Eyewear Bernhard Willhelm Sepp Sunglasses. Limited Edition Sepp style sunglasses produced by Mykita in collaboration with German avant-garde fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm. The Sepp model was inspired by legendary downhill champion Franz Klammer. Skiing is an ancient sport and method of transportation, and it was specifically the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck that provided the inspiration for Bernard Willhelm's autumn/winter men's collection. Not strictly speaking a skiwear collection but rather what the fashion designer considers a "Striped Hybrid". Some of the outfits provide barely enough protection when it comes to sub-zero temperatures but the sunglasses will give you full protection. The expansive but Spartan design is a conscious reference to the inadequacies of past manufacturing methods! Bernhard Willhelm joined forces with Mykita to present this beautiful aviator style sunglass. Mykita a worldwide success on the luxury eyewear market.