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    im a freelance fashion designer. a girl with passion for fashion..... i live in a fantasy world and believes life is a fairytale.. any quieries about, fashion or style???i'd love to hear from you.........

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  • Royal T

    In early 2006, a then 17year old, Amber Marion had no idea she was about to make history and begin the ride of her life. Nothing in her veins but dedication and fashion Amber Marion designer her first collection to debut at a Julliard fund raiser fashion show. The speakers blarred "Do It To It" by ...

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    • Footwear

    Pradeepan Indrakumar

    Footwear Designer I cover all angles of shoe design, and I am a specialist in sportswear. To me the combination of aesthetic form and function is considered an integral component when creating performance products. Problem solving is a strength used well whilst designing products for the commerci...

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    • clothing for men and women

    Stijn Helsen offers the world of his famous funky suits including clothing for men and woman,Stijn Helsen Stores, furnitureprojects and freelanceprojects such as the famous " Spiderman Suit". ...

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  • T. Tandon

    T.TANDON - is designer Tina Tandon's Contemporary RTW line selling in US & Canada. Its feminine, fun, flirty - with a hint of vintage and world culture, utilizing luxurious fabrics, modern silhouettes, and novelty details in the most enticing creations. Designer travels the world and searches th...

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  • Carol Hannah Whitfield

    Carol Hannah became a designer before even she even realized it...Growing up in Anderson, South Carolina, about as far away as you can get from anything fashion, Carol Hannah began leafing through pattern books checked out from her local library. Carol Hannah's self-taught skill of pattern making an...

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  • Amy Kuschel

    Amy is inspired by many things: The Glamour of the past, current fashion influences, film and music, art, photography, travel - New York & Paris - everything that she loves. She strives to find the best possible combination of ingredients for each gown within her collection. Constantly building ...

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  • Delise Ana Fashions

    Delise Ana Parker's Bio Delise' Ana Parker is a Gullah native of Beaufort , South Carolina . Delise' Ana realized her eye for fashion at an early age. Parker's designs and unique style was recognized in high school, when she was voted most creative student. While completing her Bachelor's degree in...

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  • Dean John Fashion

    Dean John was born and raised in NYC. Since an early age, he showed desire and talent for art and design. As a teen, he began to createhis own clothes with bleach. Then he started anther interest in tie-dyeing t-shirts, which was the first thing sold. He has always shows an interest in fine fabri...

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    • Trendy Women's Clothes
    Womens Clothing

    Fashionable and Trendy Women's Shoes, Women's Apparel, Club Wear.

    "I choose my clothes according to what looks good my on me and not price."

    "The internet is really a good place to find clothes that nobody else has. I hate going to a club and wearing the same clothes as somebody else!"

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Tips For New Fashion Designers: Getting Your Clothing Into Retail Outlets
The fashion industry is one of the most difficult businesses to break into. However, there are new designers each and every day that manage to get their fashions into well known retail outlets. Here are some tips on how to accomplish that goal.

Find The Gaps The Fashion Industry
One of the best ways to get retail outlets to take you seriously is to find the gaps in what consumers want and need and what is available and find ways to fill in one or more of those gaps. You can do this by:
・ Reading professional journals
・ Studying fashion magazines
・ Visiting outlet stores
・ Listening to consumers
・ Conducting surveys

Develop Your Fashion
The next step is too develop your very own fashions to meet some specific needs of consumers. Pay close attention to every detail from the material you choose to the look of the completed product. No matter how well you sell your product it has to meet the needs of the consumer as well as the quality standards they expect.

Start Getting Your Fashions In Small Scale Outlets
Most large retail outlets only want to handle those fashions that have all ready proven to be successful. So give your fashions their best chance of success by starting out with those small scale local boutiques, Internet sales and trade shows. The more people that become aware of the fashions you have to offer the better chance you have of increasing interest and demand. Being able to show that your fashions sell is going to increase your chances of those fashions being picked up by large retail outlets.

Prepare And Polish Your Presentation
Before setting up that appointment with a larger retail outlet, prepare and polish your presentation and perfect every single detail from the clothing you intend to wear, to the main points of your presentation that show why your fashions are unique.

You will also need to be prepared to answer questions concerning your business history, your sales to date, and the cost to make each item as well as manufacturing information.

Bring Samples To Show
Make sure that you not only bring adequate samples of your fashions to show, but that those samples are complete and in pristine condition. While your presentation will peek the outlet buyers interest in your fashion, it is the fashions themselves that are most likely to close the deal.

Be Prepared To Prove That Your Fashions Sell
Bring along with you a list of boutiques or businesses that selling your fashions as well as any special orders that you may have done for schools or organizations. This will not only show the buyer that you are serious about your fashions, but that they sell.

Be Realistic About Quantities You Can Produce And Delivery Dates
Don't make promises that you can't keep. If the retail outlet wants to order more product than you can deliver don't promise them that quantity if there is no way you can fill the order. It is better to get turned down that to earn a reputation for not being able to deliver on time.

Have Purchase Orders Ready To Complete
If you are serious about getting your fashions into that retail outlet than come prepared to do so by having your purchase order on hand and ready to complete. Make sure that the order includes any partial payment you will need in order to buy materials or complete production.

By following this tips and having perseverance and not giving up even if the first big outlet is not ready to buy you will increase your chances of being successful at getting your fashions into those big fashion outlets.