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  • Lady Lux

    Lady Lux designer swimwear created by Christina Hanna; is a unique story of luxury and effortless sex appeal. It's that feminine, sophisticated item women save for the perfect poolside moment. It's glamorous and original, distinguished in its details and striking silhouettes. As a luxury swimwear li...

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  • LaLucca Handbags

    The ingenious brain-child of Head Designer Laura Pimentel, LaLucca Accessories combine high- quality materials with a heavy dose of fashion savvy. Born in the Dominican Republic and trained in Europe and the US, Laura has a distinctive design aesthetic that comes from her multi-cultural background ...

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  • Lekkerlife Clothing

    Lekkerlife Clothing is a Women's Clothing line based out of Seattle, WA I founded Lekkerlife Clothing in 2006 after graduation from New York Fashion Academy in Seattle. All the garments are designed & created with love in my basement studio in Ballard. I use mostly vintage fabrics & ends of desig...

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  • Little Misty's Boutique

    Little Misty's Boutique is the brainchild of Sandra Shane, a mother and grandmother who has the special ability to design and produce high quality infant and toddler clothing and accessories at an affordable price. Sandra has more than 30 years of experience at dressing newborns and infants in high ...

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    Fashionable and Trendy Women's Shoes, Women's Apparel, Club Wear.

    "I choose my clothes according to what looks good my on me and not price."

    "The internet is really a good place to find clothes that nobody else has. I hate going to a club and wearing the same clothes as somebody else!"

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Picking The Right Business Name

Businesses are a very big world for anyone who enters. It is very likely that at first, you find it difficult and you do not know how to start, however, everything flows as time goes by and you will always be able to see the light at the end of the road. Everyone wants to venture into this area even when it is a little complicated.

Even so, several get in full and manage to fulfill their dream of having their own company and generate the income they have always wanted. They begin by defining what economic area they want to specialize in, they get people to help them, they hire suppliers and that is how they go until their business takes the shape they want.

However, there is a question that makes everyone think for a long time and is How can I name my company? Yes, as you read it. At first choose a name for the business to which you have spent a lot of time can be a bit cumbersome and sometimes you can even avoid doing so by placing thousands of excuses, however, it is something that you must do at some point.

Understanding all this, today you will know the tips you should follow when picking the right business name.


The name of your company must be an original one that has a good meaning. You may want to place something related to your family as well as your last name or some words that have marked you enough. Whatever it is, just try to be related to the area in which your company operates.

Picking the Right Business Name can be entangled at first, however, after you have this defined, everything will be much easier.


A law that must be met when choosing a name is that it describes your company in some way. This is because if you have a logging company you cannot put it as the name The flowers in my garden because it does not make sense. So try to put names related to what your business does.

Less is more

When you are Picking the right business name, try to choose something simple. Tangled names usually do not work at all and only make everything more difficult. In addition, the idea is that the public with the work can easily record the name of your company, and if you put something very difficult I do not think this is likely.

So choose something that is not very complex and easy to pronounce. The faster your customer's ear is able to capture it, the better it will be.

Different and original

One of the main characteristics that a company should have is originality. Both the products and their image must be unique and in keeping with the initial concept, they created to give to the public.

In this sense, the name of the company is the first step to create a corporate identity different from the others. That's why, while picking the right business name, you should keep in mind that you need to invent them with something that stands out from the crowd.

Pronunciation and Writing

There are companies that use very long names and that are difficult to remember. This is a big mistake since the idea is that everyone remembers what your company is called. So try to choose a name that does not have more than 4 syllables that is easy to pronounce for everyone else.

From there everything will be much easier even at the time of writing. Because the latter also counts. The idea is to simplify everything for your clients' convenience so when you are Picking the Right business name, choose one that is easy to pronounce and write.

At the beginning of the alphabet

It is proven that choosing a name that begins with the first letters of the alphabet makes it much easier to remember it later. Brands such as Coke or Adidas are an example of this and it is more than clear that everyone knows how easy it is to say and always remember.

So you know, while Picking the Right Business Name to make sure it is one that starts with letters between A and G. Here it has even been shown that there is more variety to play with the letters and syllables that come after the beginning.

Potential to become a verb

This is more a Marketing strategy than anything else. The idea here is that once everyone is recorded the name of your company start using it so many times that, by habit, it is transformed into a verb. This was something that happened with Google and other important brands.

And this will give more recognition to all your business. So while Picking The Right Business Name, look for one that when becoming a verb sounds as cool as your product. If you get this, the advertising strategies will rain and you will have many fun ways to reach your audience.

Look for opinions

When you already have the names proposals for your business you can go to find opinions in people that are of your total confidence. Ask only your closest relatives and those workers who have been with you from the beginning since they are the ones who are aware of the entire process that has happened to get where you are.

However, you should not be guided entirely by these opinions that you receive. Remember that in the end the name you choose and that people have many different tastes to yours. So just take it as an orientation.


Once you have chosen the name of your business, the next step is to register it. This is done to prevent other companies from having the same name as yours and also to preserve originality. After all, choosing this name was not easy, right?

Go quickly to register the name of your company and it will be a registered trademark. Picking the Right Business Name is an important task that you must take very seriously as it can determine the future of your company.