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Dean John Fashion

designer New York, NY
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Designer of all Original one of a kind Designs
New York, NY
  • Founded: 2004
  • Headquaters: New York
  • Clothing Style: Original Clothing

Dean John was born and raised in NYC. Since an early age, he showed desire and talent for art and design.

As a teen, he began to createhis own clothes with bleach. Then he started anther interest in tie-dyeing t-shirts, which was the first thing sold. He has always shows an interest in fine fabrics and produce dresses made from his tie-dye materials. Dean John learned how to sew and began making dresses.After about a year, he found his niche and he began sewing wonderfully tailored dresses with a one of a kind fit as the ladies do say.

He has done some modeling for magazines and runway shows before pursuing Fashion Design. He appeared on Fox Five Morning News with Penny Chrone wearing one of his Dean John's Dresses. He also contributed to charity fashion shows, where one of his dress collections was one of the bids bought for charity.

Dean John has produced fashion shows at The China Club, Club Deep, and Club Pacha all in New York City. He also held a fashion show at Hunter College in New York. He has soldnearly 1000 Dresses thus far.

Healso is a DJ who likes to produce parties. He plays the piano and clarinet. During his spare time, he likes to roller blade and do club style dancing.