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Did you know that two thirds of all women get ideas from store windows while they're out for a day of window shopping?

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It's not just about what you wear, it's about how you wear it.

I'll breeze through clothing stores and run my hands along various fabrics, lightly caressing a lace cuff, rubbing the sleeve of a velour track suit, delicately touching an exquisite brushed twill. popping in and out of boutiques, and taking the time to stop and people watch was one way I would teach myself about the city and fashion.

Shopping districts, streets dotted with character filled boutiques attracted me during my shopping escapades. A time gathering ideas, fancying things, touching and trying on. Even when I walk away empty handed. I return to my own closet bursting with ways to restyle and mix/match.

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Here is a list of the top styles being worn in Ohio

lookbook photoClomp Clomplookbook photoClomp Clomplookbook photolookbook photoFor the Rest of Us
lookbook photolookbook photoCherries and Li-Berrieslookbook photoTwo by Twolookbook photoI Sparkle
lookbook photoCouldn't Waitlookbook photoNo Fatalelookbook photolookbook photoClomp Clomp
lookbook photoCherries and Li-Berrieslookbook photoClomp Clomplookbook photoFor the Rest of Uslookbook photoFor the Rest of Us
lookbook photoBlack Long Sleeved Shirtlookbook photoClomp Clomplookbook photolookbook photoCherries and Li-Berries
lookbook photoCherries and Li-Berrieslookbook photoTwo by Twolookbook photoCherries and Li-Berrieslookbook photoblue stripe T-shirt
lookbook photolookbook photolookbook photoBlack Shawl Hoodielookbook photoSilver Striped Cardigan
lookbook photolookbook photoSuede Bootslookbook photolookbook photoFor the Rest of Us
lookbook photolookbook photoBlack Tightslookbook photoBlack and White Sandalslookbook photoHope Tee
lookbook photoBlue Shawl Hpodielookbook photoNo Fatalelookbook photoCouldn't Waitlookbook photo