What I Wore in February 2021
Winter Season Clothing
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About My Style
My style is very unique, I like to take inspiration from what I see other people wearing and use that to create new looks for myself. As someone with short legs, I LOVE putting outfits together that create the illusion that my legs are longer than they actually are. I feel that that's what having good style is all about--dressing your body to it's full potential.
My favorite brands/stores are...
H&M and Forever 21. I also love Marshalls and Target. I love that the clothes are super trendy and don't lighten my wallet too much. However, what I love the most is going into thrift/vintage stores and finding gorgeous vintage clothing.
But you'll never see me wearing...
You'll never see me wearing extremely revealing clothing, I think that wearing a little more clothing can really add class to your look. You'll also never see me wearing skulls, I'm too much of a girly-girl for that.
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Look of the Day

as of Nov 18th
  • My closet outfit photo #3242
    Outfit Style

    I love the lines in this outfit. I love the headband across my forehead because it gives the outfit that horizontal line and then I love the horizontal and vertical lines across the pants. I love how the lines bring the outfit together without it being too obvious. I added some really dark make-up just to give the look some real impact.

    Occasion Wear

    I didn't wear this outfit anywhere special, I was just hanging out with my best friend and we decided to go take some fun pictures!

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  • My closet outfit photo #3236
    Outfit Style

    I love black dresses. So much. I wanted to look professional, so I added a blazer. I wanted to keep my colors muted, so that I could put this red purse with the outfit and have it really stand out. I also wanted to add some fun, so I threw on these white polka dotted tights.

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  • My closet outfit photo #3233
    Outfit Style

    This skirt is great. It's so flattering. I love that it's high-waisted and goes a little past the knee. The pattern is great, the snakeskin look gives it great texture. I paired it with a dark rose-pink shirt for a nice contrast and added some royal blue shoes to offset the pink shirt. I added the very simple nude handbag, so as to not take away from the rest of the outfit.

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  • My closet outfit photo #3231
    Outfit Style

    I love rompers. I love how simple they can be. I love the skinny black belt with this romper to break up the romper and give me a waist. I added the striped messenger bag to add a pattern. I also added strappy sandals to keep the romper pretty casual.

    Occasion Wear

    I wore this outfit for a day out in Washington D.C. going to a museum and then out to dinner with friends.

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  • My closet outfit photo #3229
    Occasion Wear

    I wore this outfit to church. I teach a Sunday school class of three year olds and it gets pretty crazy. That being said, I always wear the wrong outfit for it. Haha. I can hardly run after little kids in 5 inch heels, but of course, I do it anyway. I love this dress. Everything about it is great, it's flattering and I love the two colors. I added the nude bag and nude heels to keep the focus on the dress.

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