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I started blogging because of my initial passion to share. I enjoy connecting with my readers on similar topics of interests in fashion, music, food, movies and television. Blogging is an outlet for me to be able to express in more depth why I love Fashion so much. Clothing isn't something you just wear, it's a lifestyle and expression of who you are. My inspirations run deep ... and I am inspired every single day by something new. Fashion holds a positive light and safe haven for me.
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    I wanted to juxtapose two contrasting fashion ideas with my look today. A little bit citified, Rock 'N Roll, thus my favorite boots and the semi beat up leather jacket. By adding in the soft cardigan and tote, I took things down a notch and made it a bit more folksy and unfussy. Do you like it? I love the size of this bag, it truly fits my entire life ...and more. I am also fond of the logo, very Chanel, no?

    By the way, how do you like my newish header? I tweaked it a bit this morning. ;)

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    How has your week been so far? I hope it's been great. I finally sat down and watched Despicable Me last night. Can I just say it's my new (maybe forever) favorite movie? Pharrell Williams set the tone through the soundtrack and Steve Carell warmed my heart. I am just like the littlest girl, Agnes. Collecting anything with a Unicorn on it!

    As for my outfit today, I broke one of my own rules: denim on denim. I never do it. Yet seeing the varying washes and styles it seemed approachable. I love these train conductor pants. The cut is just right for my long legs and adds a sixties touch, which I of course adore.

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    The weekend before last was the exact opposite, weather wise. The sun was shining, the birds chirping and the rain nonexistent. We went to the park for a picnic. I brought along Life & Style magazine, Subway, potato salad and homemade pasta salad. I'm getting hungry just remembering it all over again. I wore my chambray romper that I can't help but imagine Kate Bosworth owning a similar style. The studded ankle boots and chain bag were thrown in to add just enough edge to the sweet, light wash denim. Even though Spring and Summer are basically here it's still kind of chilly. Enough so, I needed the cardigan and beanie. As much as I miss Miami, summers there weren't always picture perfect. Most of the summer is filled with rain and way more humidity than any girl can really hope to handle. I don't miss wearing tank tops and shorts or flip flops April through August. It's nice bring able to layer and adapt to four different seasons every year. I do miss the beaches though...

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    I am not from California and have only been there once. However, this secondary line from Le Petit Petit, has joined forces with Pacific Sunwear to bring you a collection that is a combination of both the Malibu Coast and the streets of Paris. I grew up in Miami knowing only the beach as my summer vacation. Whether my family was planning a week's stay in Sanibel Island or a week long Cruise excursion, the water, sun and sand were always home to me.


    Do you like my lavender nails?

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