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About Us

MessyCloset has absolutely everything you need to get in touch with the fashion world and everyone in it. On top of being advanced and sleek, it’s FREE. MessyCloset has an interface that's so easy to use, anyone can use it. Using this social network, communicating and connecting yourself with the fashion world have never been so convenient. Sharing and expressing your thoughts is fun and easy to do as you give and get advice from everyone in it.

Explore & Share

MessyCloset makes it easy to express your personality. By having different ways to do this, you will be able to express the way you want. Whether it being by videos, photos, or just words, you will get your fashion point across. You can also get quick advice on any special upcoming events you have.

Upload & Customize

With MessyCloset the uploading process is so fast, you can upload your pictures and videos in minutes. This allows you to personalize your page that, screams you. Organize your photos and videos so easily by tagging them and put them in the order you prefer. Using the MessyCloset calendar, you can plan ahead of what you want to wear (and make sure it’s clean) on that day!

Stay In Touch

In today’s world, staying in touch is key. You can locate your family and friends, or just find people who have the same interest as you. On MessyCloset it's easy to reconnect with friends both old and new!

Share Your Thoughts

With the different blogs and topics available, it's unlikely that you'll be unable to find one that matches your interests. But if so, you can always start your own!

Maintain Privacy

Understandably, privacy is important. MessyCloset provides the necessary procedures to ensure your comfort and security. MessyCloset allows you to control everything. You have control what to reveal to people only the things you want and all web privacy requirements are kept up-to-date.