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Rachel Marie Hurst

designer Denver, CO
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3931 Holly St. Unit A, Denver, CO 80207
Denver, CO 80207
  • Founded: 2012
  • Headquaters: Denver, CO
  • Clothing Style: Sexy, Edgy, Flirty and Chic

In February of 2012 Rachel Marie Hurst presented a small collection to celebrities and the media at Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week during the Diet Pepsi Refresh Fashion Show at which she was 1 of 4 designers chosen across the United States.

Recently was selected to show collection at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week by Diet Pepsi!

Launched in 2012, The Rachel Marie Hurst Label is a true reflection of the Designers' dreams and aspirations of the woman she wanted to be and the woman she is becoming: A Strong, independent, beautiful and confident woman who loves to take risks in her wardrobe and in her every day life.

Sexy, Edgy, Flirty and Chic
"I create fashion as a means to express myself colorfully to the world. It is an art form where words, images, fabrics, emotions, textures and colors come together on a single form to express an idea to an intended viewer for an intended purpose." -Rachel Marie Hurst
About Us
Rachel Marie Hurst, Lead Designer, creates clothing for the strong, independent and beautiful woman of today who work hard and play harder. Rachel approaches the designing of her collections with a Girl meets tomboy point of view; mixing sweetness and femininity with edgy and spicy flavors. The goal is to create pieces that stand out in life and allow the wearer to create their own runway wherever they go.