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Fashion for Women Over 60

Is fashion a young women's sport? Absolutely not - women over 60 shouldn't feel they're missing out. Fashion Trends for Women Over 60
 Written by Heather Gunn

A wise person once said that fashion knows no bounds and if you're over 60 this statement still rings true. Being over 60 doesn't mean you can't be stylish. Pop culture and today's youth may try to convince you that everyone over 30 should dress like an attention craved celebrity or wear mom jeans and x-mas sweaters.

You may be a few years older but it doesn't change who you are, don't run away from your past...embrace it. You don't have to throw away your wardrobe and start over.

You've seen the fashion trends change over the years so when others try and sway you with their opinion of what you should wear.

You can confidently think back on your best fashion moments and recreate a modernized version of it. It worked before and it will surely work again, once you find a style that looks great on you and makes you feel wonderful stick with it. Variations of this look will surely be a hit.

    Quick Tips
  • Whether you work or are retired, you can locate and create ensembles that flatter your body type, suit your lifestyle and express your unique sense of style.

  • Women over 60 do not have to resign themselves to looking old and dowdy.

  • What you wore at 30 may no longer suit you at age 60.

Many of the styles that are trendy today are fashions that were worn in the 60's and 70's, mini skirts, hip hugging pants and wide legged jeans. Wearing leggings alone is probably not age appropriate but under a dressy skirt they look really good.

You might not be able to wear every new trend that hits the runway but you can get away with wearing a lot more. No younger fashionista could get away with wearing the fabrics you can. Don't shy away from experiemting with prints and textures, wearing a pair of bold sunglasses,watches or necklaces can add spark to any classic themed outfit.

Your little black dress may not fit you as it once did but worry not, there is a replacement for women over 60. The pantsuit exudes sophistication.

Pictures of women dressed over 60
candice bergen

Kirstie Alley

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