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The reason why I gave you for advice cuz some people just really don't know what they're looking for and this is the place where they only have about one thing of the same let's say you're looking for a a long sleeve they really don't have a lot of those when I go to doesn't I'm not sure about the other places that you guys go to the other Forever 21, but they are really comfortable but sometimes it can get a little pricey in there they do have some good pants they have black if like they have ripped jeans they have hip ones where it goes over to your hips and they're kind of stretchy I have a pair I like it but I feel like they could improve it by a lot because it's starting to also get like rips in the middle and my legs rub together a lot so it kind of I can see little holes making their way through and that's actually really stressing me out because I can't find any pants that don't do that yet and I did thing is I don't like wearing leggings and they have some leggings there but I just don't like them I feel like they show too much of my body so but anyways I feel like their clothes are comfortable It's just sometimes they don't have what you're looking for.

For years, Their sizes were consistent, affordable, and I ALWAYS referred people to them, but not anymore. My last transaction with them was a nightmare. For one, they completely changed their sizing - I was consistently a medium and I bought heels and a dress for an induction (I don't have a car so I couldn't go to stores so I was relying heavily on this dress working). The dress was cut way too narrow and the heels didn't fit, but to be fair I have wide feet so I figured they wouldn't work. I returned them that week through my University's mail service, and wasn't notified about my refund or anything.

I called them twice in 2 months inquiring about my order, but they didn't receive it and I would be notified. The second time I called, however, I was hung up on by a customer service rep and I had to call again, and they told me there was nothing they could do. I was out $40, which to a college kid is crucial - I didn't have money to buy groceries and was waiting for my paycheck, so I used the rest of my money on my student ID card to get through the week (thank god I was going home). This was such an ordeal that I refuse to do business with them.

I used to love Forever 21 back when I lived in California. I had a store close to home and I used to go at least once a wee even if I wasn't buying anything. But know is a nightmare to go to the stores because they are just full of too much stuff. The racks of clothes are so full you can barely see the clothes without dropping something on the floor and sometimes the clothes are so tight on the rack, you can't even move them. I know the sizes are for more teens/young adults that are very slim, but I used to find clothes that weren't size 0. They do have a plus size section, but the options of clothes are just horrible. It's like unless you are a size 0-3, you don't deserve cute clothes. For shoes and bags, I can't complain much